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Freshers’ Pranks

Freshers’ Pranks

Freshers’ Pranks

When you start university, Fresher’s will be much more than induction lectures and nights out at the Student Union bar, you may be subject to Freshers’ pranks, and here are a few examples of what to expect and how to retaliate! Don’t worry, it is just part of the fun and games of freshers, it’s the process of settling in at university during freshers.

Stranger Danger

One prank is to use clothes, like a pair of jeans and a hoodie and to fill it up with pillowcases and bedding to fill it out. Then place it somewhere where a housemate will walk in on them – maybe the toilet or in their bed? When they see the outline of a body and return after a night of heavy drinking it will scare the living daylight out of them!

Freezer Geezer

A great prank is to get someone’s cutlery or belongings, place them in a bag, fill it up with water and then put it in the freezer. The objects will freeze and it will be so much hassle to defrost and to use them again. And the fun increases when the roommate spends a long time trying to find where they are!

Going crazy?

A good prank which takes a lot of effort and dedication is to slowly remove belongings from a housemates dorm over the space of a few months. Over time your housemate will think they are going mad and may even ask you if you have seen what they are looking for!

Being social

If your new roommate has left their social network signed in, like Facebook, Google +, Twitter. Instead of doing the obvious ‘frape’ change a few settings on their account – like their birthday, occupation or notification settings. This is a great prank as they won’t work out what has changed until everyone starts wishing them a happy birthday on the entirely wrong day…

Sounding the alarm

Another annoying prank is to buy a few cheap alarm clocks, set them at unholy hours and placed them in odd places in the room so your neighbour can’t work out where they’re coming from! A good place is under the mattress, behind books on a bookshelf, in a wardrobe, or if you’re feeling adventurous, in a secure waterproof bag in the toilet lid!

The important thing to remember is to know when to stop when it comes to pranking! Harmless pranks are fun and enjoyable when trying to think up of ways to get your own back! Watch out for these pranks during your first week and get creative when you retaliate!

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