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Fresher’s Week: What not to do

Fresher’s Week: What not to do

Fresher’s Week: What not to do

Fresher’s week will be on your mind for the next couple of months, and even though it is only a couple of weeks out of your entire year at university, it can pass you by in a blur, and during this busy time there are certain things you need to think about before you go through with them, here is what not to do at Fresher’s week.

Fresher’s 10

This is known as the 10 pounds you gain during Fresher’s. It is mostly because of the takeaways you have every day, sugar in mixers and Alcopops and junk food you try to survive on and cure your hangover with. Also, with you feeling unwell your best during this time due to the nights out, you’ll find yourself spending most of your time in bed recovering from the night before, and becoming slowly and surely nocturnal as the week goes on!

Don’t do what you wouldn’t do if you were sober

Being intoxicated does have its disadvantages, which are generally that you might end up doing things that you wouldn’t normally do. Drinking can cause you to lose your anxieties and inhibitions, which doesn’t mean it is always a good thing. Be careful who you have sexual relationships with at university, especially during Fresher’s Week, as everyone is starting to get to know each other, people talk, and your intimate and private activity can become more public than you wanted it to.

Miss your lectures

There are induction lessons during your first two weeks of university, to let you get familiar with the course material, read up on recommended textbooks, meet your fellow classmates, know your coursework deadlines and go through icebreakers. Even though they don’t seem that important, they are still recorded as attendance and will give you the foundations for the rest of your degree – which will help, so don’t miss them!

Freshers’ flu

When you party too hard in a short space of time, and burn the candles at both ends, it will, undoubtedly, lead to Fresher’s flu. This type of flu usually turns Freshers into nocturnal zombies who only rise at night time to start the drinking and socialising process all over again! Fresher’s flu may be embarrassing, and even make the experience less enjoyable. There is no need to go out every night, or feel that you have to say yes to your new housemates, give yourself a break!

Spend your money

A bad side to receiving your Student Loans, is that you only get three instalments each year, a payment at the beginning of each term, and the first instalment usually turns up during Fresher’s week. This may seem like a good thing, but with the drinking, socialising and going to all the events during the two weeks might mean that money will soon disappear, leaving you waking up the morning of your first lecture wondering where you loan went! Think before you spend!


Your Facebook friends, Twitter and Instagram followers will see a major uplift when you start university – but remember that you might see yourself tagged in some unflattering and regrettable photos the next morning. Your social media presence can be altered when you go to university, so think about what you are posting online, before you nana on Facebook sees it!

University and Fresher’s week have been best friends since time began, but it is up to you to make the right decisions and guarantee that they still go hand in hand. As long as you remember what not to do during Fresher’s week, you’ll live through it with no regrets and full of the best memories!

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