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My friend is going to another university?

My friend is going to another university?

My friend is going to another university?

Completing secondary school and college with your nearest and dearest by your side can make it all that worthwhile. You make wonderful and amazing friendships during these years which can be tough to break, but when the decision of what university to attend comes along it can be difficult to come to grips with the idea that you might be separated with your BFF, in fact, many students find themselves asking people the same question, “Am I going to be alone at university?”. Wondering what to do if your friend is going to another university?

Well firstly don’t panic! This doesn’t mean that the end of the world has arrived and you can no longer continue to live your life – it happens and you will and can overcome this. Most decent friendships survive the break during university without a hitch, therefore let that soothe the shock for the time being.

There are many ways to keep in touch with friends whilst away at university, from FaceTime, Skyping, texting and emailing. The best piece of advice we can give anyone who is going to be away from their closest friends during studying is to allow life to get in the way. If you cannot respond to your friend due to having a busy week, or vice versa for them on the other end, don’t let anger or upset get in the way of a decent friendship. Life will undoubtedly get in the way with exams, coursework, going out and even a part-time job. The important thing is to reply to them when you have the chance and to simply explain why it took you a while. Good friends will understand.

If you have a friend who is only interested in going to the same university that you are, in fear of taking the next step alone, you will have to simply tell them that it is your decision and they should make their decision based on their own personal attributes. Even friends who attend the same university might not even stay true friends during the years studying, nothing is for certain, so plenty of students start looking into how to make friends during fresher’s week.

You need to ensure that you make your decision based on what your feelings are and what you want to study as an undergraduate. Once that is complete you can spend the rest of the summer spending time with your closest friends and make memories to talk about for years to come. Remember, university isn’t forever, and most students come home during reading weeks, the summer holidays, Christmas and other times throughout the year. Therefore the majority of the length of time you will actually be apart is more like 3 to 6 months – now, doesn’t that sound a lot better than the three years you imagined in your head?

Are you worried about your friends going to another university? What are you worried about most?

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