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But my friends are going to another university?

But my friends are going to another university?

But my friends are going to another university?

University is, without a doubt, a very tough decision to make, with lots of other options and choices to make thereafter. Students have to decide on what university, course, residence and all sorts before they even take their exams in the summer. However, no matter what happens there may always be that speck of anxiety at the back of your head because you’re worried your friends are going to another university.

Firstly, university and higher education is simply a personal choice. You are the only person that is going to be studying there, you are the person who will be attending the lectures and submitting the coursework – nobody should affect this decision for you. Even though it is really scary thinking about this new chapter in your life, it is just a chapter in your life, and there are going to be so many more afterwards.

Secondly, picking a course or university because of your friends is a really poor move. There are various outcomes and the worst case scenario usually ends up being one of you doesn’t actually get in to that university in the end. Maybe you have to go through Clearing or don’t receive the grades you were expecting, either way all of those hopes and dreams of attending the same university will then fly out of the window.

Next, you should consider university and student life. In some cases friends have attended the same university but then didn’t end up spending as much time together because of the different timetable, coursework and friendship group requirements. People make new friends, and this can be detrimental to a friendship if someone feels purposefully left out.

My friend wants to go to the same university as me

This happens more regularly than people believe it does. It is extremely tough to come to terms that you won’t see your childhood/old school friends for months on end, but it can be a good thing. When you do eventually come back home or visit them at their own university you’ll have lots to catch up on and you’ll both understand that sometimes life just gets in the way.

However, if your friend is making it difficult by hanging onto your every word in hopes of attending the same institution as you, then you need to be honest and try to make them comprehend that this big life decision should be theirs and theirs alone – and have no influence from anyone else; including yourself.

I’m scared to go to university by myself

There are so many wonderful things about university that you’ll soon realise from the day you move in. All of the other students are in the same position as you are and due to this, everybody is more friendlier and understanding to each other. All students are trying to get to know their classmates and housemates and adapt to this very different lifestyle – but it will take time. You may feel homesick from time to time and the first month will be the hardest, but once you distract yourself you’ll soon learn about all the wonderful opportunities that university offers you.

University can seem scary by yourself, but you can also connect with other students that are going to your university before you start via social media or online forums. Universities like to help students get to know each other before moving day and you might find that you’ll make a friend before term even starts!

So don’t fret about your friends going to another university, because you need to guarantee that the course you are studying is so perfect for you and it should have your surname in the title somewhere, and once you begin the term all of the anxieties and worries will eventually float away. If all else fails, there are always reading weeks and Skype sessions you can do with your friends, there always plenty of ways to keep in touch with your friends. All that students need to worry about is maybe what fancy dress outfits to take for Fresher’s week!

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