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What to get sorted before term starts

What to get sorted before term starts

What to get sorted before term starts

Being prepared for university and becoming a full-time student requires more planning than to pack a pair of each clothing you own and to buy content insurance! There is so much to get sorted before term starts, and these aren’t essential, but are extremely helpful in preparing you for your undergraduate year!


The great thing is that students generally start at the same time meaning there will be offers and discounts in so many stationers and supermarkets, and this is where you should head to first! Bulk up on stationary for the year, splash out and get everything you might need. When it comes to stationery it is best to buy it so you have something in case you need it and not the other way around, as when it comes to you studying at 4 O’Clock in the morning you might not be able to pop to the library to print that piece of work off!

Reading Books

To save the most amount of money, check out second-hand bookshops, online websites, or bookshops that offer student discounts when buying books off of your reading list. You may think that buying every book on your reading list is a waste of time and effort – and it is! However, you should at least buy 10% off of your list to give you an indication on what your first year and course will be like. It doesn’t hurt to be one step ahead.

Any before reading or research etc.

If your module or course requires you to complete a mini assignment, read specific books or conduct certain research to prepare you for your first lessons, they shouldn’t be ignored! Your teachers or course administrator asked you to do this for a reason, and you’ll just find yourself behind everyone else if you choose to ignore it!

Befriend people on your course

Social media can be a great way of meeting new people, especially surrounding university. your university will have a facebook and twitter page – and you can tag yourself to open days, posts, or even strike up a conversation from the get go to start meeting new people. You can meet up with your new students when you both arrive at university and the first few weeks won’t feel so lonely!

Student loan sorted

Check your student loan status every few days, because the Student Loans company is literally sorting out hundreds of thousands of applications each year – and a minor issue could mean you not getting a money for weeks, or even months! Your student loan is your lifeline during university, therefore, call them up regularly, check the website, keep an eye on your account and keep all correspondence – like letters and emails – so you are fully aware of what is happening.

Budgets planned

Having a budget planner will literally save you hundreds of pounds when you start as a Fresher. You might find yourself going out a lot and loving this new sense of freedom – but at the cost of your student loan. Your loan is meant to keep you afloat until the next instalment which is usually at least three months away! Having a budget and knowing what you can spend a day or each week will help keep you in the black and out of the red!

Sort through your room

This may seem mundane and tedious but moving to university is a great chance to sort your life out, and your bedroom at home! It can be hard to part with objects and things that hold great sentimental value, but by organising your surroundings will help to keep you relaxed and de-clutter your mind! It will also make the moving part of university much, much easier, as you don’t have to carry as much stuff to your new dorm!

Your first term will fly by as quick as a flash, so by getting all these different bits into place now and staying organised, you will remain on top of whatever university has to throw at you! Good luck, now go tidy your room!


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