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Give yourself adequate time for your decision about university

Give yourself adequate time for your decision about university

Give yourself adequate time for your decision about university

It can be really exciting choosing what you will you do for the next three years of your life, picking a university and deciding where to move out and on, however, you should give yourself adequate time for your decision about university – and never rush. Higher education is a huge step for each and every student that decides to walk down the university path, and there are a few things to spend a decent amount of time thinking about.

Look at modules

When you choosing courses, you need to look deeper than the course titles and how long you will be studying; check out the modules on offer for that course, or even in the school, like the School of Arts. Modules are what you are going to be doing throughout the course, they are similar to the lessons you took at school and/or college. Your undergraduate degree is usually made up of at least 4 modules each year. As this is where the majority of your student time is going to be placed, research what you will be learning because each course, even if it it has the same title, could be on a whole different subject.

What the university have to offer

Every university wants to attract potential students and this means they’ll be displaying their best bits and every angle will be their best angle! Be careful when comparing universities to understand what they’re ‘really’ saying when institutions and staff talk about what they have to offer you and your time there. Learning to read in between the lines and to create a harsh checklist which you want your university to abide to will aid you in your decision.

Go to an open day

Universities host open days all year round, but some seasons and times are busier than others – and you should dedicate time to go. A university decision shouldn’t be based on what you read on a website or the pages of a prospectus, it is vital to get a good feel of where you might live for three to four years. When you visit an open day, you will be able to walk around the grounds, get a feel of the student atmosphere and check out the local town. University is a big life decision and you need to remember that you will be living there!

What A-Levels you liked

By using your previous hobbies and subjects that you thoroughly enjoyed can help guarantee you are making the best decision for you and your education. University shouldn’t just be about setting you up for your career and have the fun completely taken out of it! You’ll need some downtown or something to grab your interest for the years you might spend studying for a degree. A joint or combined honours degree can offer you something that little bit different, like an English literature and Mandarin, where you study english literature but learn a foreign language on the side! Use your favourite subjects to help you in the right direction.

Any extra-curriculars that take your fancy

Think about what you like to do in your spare time, this is what you should continue to do once you become an undergraduate; university shouldn’t change that! Universities can have hundreds of societies, events and activities to keep your body and mind thriving. If you have a hobby, or unable to study something that you enjoy, you can express yourself through other mediums. All extra-curricular activities are listed on the university’s website, and if you attend an open day you can take a look around yourself!

There are several important factors that will become apparent when deciding to go to university, and the process of making a decision shouldn’t be taken lightly or rushed through. You are essentially choosing a new path and setting up your career and adult education for years to come – therefore, take the time and choose wisely!

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