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Am I going to be alone at university?

Am I going to be alone at university?

Am I going to be alone at university?

One of the biggest anxieties that undergraduate students face today when arriving at university is how lonely they are going to feel or be during their time studying. Its hard to know how to deal with the pressures of being alone at university, however, here is everything students need to know when it comes to loneliness and being alone when they start their degree

You’re not alone

And we’re not talking UFO ‘not alone’, but in general honesty, you’re not going to be alone when you start university. Universities usually hold thousands of students, and the majority of first years live in the Halls of residence alongside you. Universities put a lot of time and effort into their accommodation on their site, or near it (depending if you’re at a city university) because they understand he huge lifestyle differences that students are facing by becoming an undergraduate. It’s also why they try to place all first year students in the same area, so they are around people who understand what they’re going through.


Halls are a great place to meet people, especially during Freshers week and your first day. You’ll have, essentially, at least 6 new friends to live with that will be apart of your apartment-style floor and they’re in the same boat as you and feel just as anxious too. If you’re not connecting with your neighbours there is still the rest of the floor to meet and greet, and the levels below. Some universities have hundreds and hundreds of rooms allocated to students, and they are all potential friends for life that you just haven’t met yet.


After Halls, the opportunity to create friendships is also within your classes that you take. Your modules are full of students with the same interests with you and finding common ground such as hobbies or passions is a great ice breaker as well as a foundation for a friendship. There will be so many students there you might find you get along with, on top of all the previous students you have already met.


The university as a whole has thousands of students who want to meet people as eagerly as you do, and you could find them on the courtyard, at the university gym or nightclub or queueing up at the cash machine on campus.


Another wonderful place to meet people is to sign up to societies, sports clubs or activities during your time studying. University offers students more than just obtaining a degree and these clubs offer that. The other students who also sign up share the same passions as you do, and are choosing to spend their free time going to the same club days that you are – and if that isn’t a friendship in the making, then we don’t know what is!

Home and away

It is easy to feel alone and anxious about who you are going to meet once you start university, and its okay to get scared when you realise that all of your friends are moving to different universities. The majority of university’s reading weeks or term times match up, even if you share different reading weeks, most students get the same time off in the summer or at Christmas which is a perfect opportunity to visit your friends at their university, they come to you or to meet up at home. You’ll probably find that you’ll make wonderful friends at university, whilst Skyping your friends from home when you can, and end up picking up where you left of when you meet up eventually later.

If you’re worried about being able to make friends at university, its a great idea to sign up to your university’s social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, or on student forums online and begin chatting with other students who will start when you do this September. When you start talking to someone you can get the awkwardness out the way and meet up once you’re both settled in Halls!

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