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Does going to university get you a good career?

Does going to university get you a good career?

Does going to university get you a good career?

Going to university can open up so many doors, create endless opportunities and offer wonderful experiences to each person that decides to go. But, with all this in mind there are still a few things that are uncertain about becoming an undergraduate, such as; does going to university get you a good career? This is a big question for most students as a huge inspiration to obtaining a degree is to get a decent job and to climb that career ladder. However, does university actually offer this, or even better yet, make it happen?

University is a necessity for certain careers, desirable for others, and can even be non-essential for others. The idea of being able to move upwards in a company is completely dependent on the job role, skills involved and company/business or type of work itself. There isn’t an easy yes or no answer to this question we’re afraid! (Don’t worry; we wanted it to be that simple too!)

Although university doesn’t necessarily offer you your dream job on a platter once graduation day arrives, in fact, many students end up leaving university saying, “I don’t know what career I to want to have“, it can do more than you think possible for your career opportunities. University is a chance for students to start learning and studying in a specific or niche area – which could be what your desired job entails. It also offers networking opportunities with your fellow students, teachers and alumni, and lastly, it can show employers that you care about your education and if it is connected to your career choice.

When students begin thinking about attending university, they need to know if they have a specific job or career in mind, if so, they should follow a route into that profession. Most professions have at least one way of getting there, which could be obtaining a degree and starting from the bottom or to then go on to a master’s or PhD, or even just having a degree itself. It really is a case-per-case basis so you need to do your research.

After this, potential students need to think about what university they want to go to, and what type, of course, they want to take. Each course – even if it has the same name – can be totally different, be assessed differently and have varying modules throughout. You need to pick the right one for you. How do you want to be assessed? What do you actually want to study whilst you’re there? Do you want it to be made up of theory, practical or both? A graphic design student wishing to become a graphic designer will benefit more from a degree that offers practical courses, where they can physically create pieces for their portfolio which will help their career once they graduate.

Additionally, the actual degree can only take you so far; you’re going to have to most of the work yourself! Students need to understand that studying for a degree is a full-time job and most universities will advise not working in any other type of work for more than 20 hours a week as this is stealing from your study time. Students need to attend as many lectures as they can, revise often, complete coursework to the best of their ability and pass exams the best they can. If they don’t, then their results will show and their final degree classification will reveal this too – and the only people who are going to care about this is employers.

Therefore, obtaining a degree, putting in hard work and receiving a decent grade is all part of the process of getting a good career or a decent job, which can also open up the debate, should students pick a course directed at a career? However, it won’t be set in stone. Students should think about what they want to do, how they can achieve this and whether they have the ability to do it. Once they answer those questions, it won’t even matter what degree you’re studying, what career you want, or if you even go to university at all – trust us.


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