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How to have a good exam

How to have a good exam

How to have a good exam

Now that you have spent all this time revising and studying for your exam, the hard part is just around the corner, and we have some great tips on how to have a good exam so you can forget it about until results day and how to beat exam stress and some all important exam revision tips!

Read questions properly

When you are in the exam room, all the pressure may seem multiplied and you feel like you just want to get everything down on the piece of paper. However, regurgitating the information you have learnt over two years isn’t going to get you your desired grade, reading the question is! So many students make the mistake of being a part of the moment and forgetting what they are actually writing about. Make a point of after each paragraph to re-read the question to guarantee your answer is heading in the write direction. The stress in the exam hall can distract you, so make sure you are on the right path.

Time management

Checking the time is vital to having a good exam. Sometimes, students get so wrapped up in their paper that they don’t realise they have spent 45 minutes on one quarter of the essay they’re writing. Time management is one of the best qualities you can have, so checking the clock and knowing when to move on will help you score well. Examiners are going to mark the entire exam, so if you leave a whole section out just to get two extra marks from a previous question, you’re not going to score high.

Over analysing after exam

Afterwards, you should relax and not think about the exam again. So many students come out of an exam and spend hours over analysing what they wrote and asking their friends what answers they put down. If you do this, you will second guess yourself and think that you will fail. In most cases, the feeling is much worse than the reality! Have confidence in your own work!

Do not leave the exam early

Even though it may seem that you have answered all of the questions to the best of your ability, if you have some time left in the exam hall try resisting the urge to leave early! The thought of it being over sooner than expected is a great feeling, but once you have left you can’t go back in! And the regret you may feel of not being able to write that extra paragraph, or checking your spelling will be far greater than feeling relieved that it is over.

Check, Check and Check again!

This may seem self-explanatory but checking your work is so important. You should read over your work to check for spelling mistakes and to make sure the answer itself reads well. The examiners need to understand what you are writing and to try to understand the point that you are making. If you are running out of time, set at least 5 minutes at the end to recheck your work.

Take water with you

Students can be so focused on the exam that they forget to look after themselves, and the most important thing to bring with you (other than a pen of course!) is a bottle of water. The water will keep you hydrated and this is extremely important for your brain to work efficiently. If you are dehydrated, it can cause headaches and you won’t be working at your best.

The exam can seem horrible, with the strong lighting, pure silence, pressure and the boy in front of you with his stomach rumbling won’t help! The best thing you can do is prepare as much as you can and then wait for results day. The hard part is over!

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