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University Guide to An All-Nighter

University Guide to An All-Nighter

University Guide to An All-Nighter

When you start university you may have a plan of completing your coursework three weeks in advance or to keep on top of your studies or independent study at university, but it won’t be that simple when the deadlines come around, you may find yourself pulling an all-nighter, and this is our guide to an all-nighter.


Although having a lot of sugar in a short space of time, or having too much is bad for you, sugar may be the one thing to get you through the entire night, apart from determination. We do advise picking the less ‘noisy’ sweets and packaging as the library is quiet on the best of the times, and what about during the night? You may get caught out!


Water, of course, is the most important fluid to keep you hydrated and to keep your mind and body active and in good health. However, energy drinks or pop may be extremely tempting. Make sure you don’t drink too many, especially in one night, as they can have an affect on your concentration, performance and your heart! Taking one bottle of ‘pop’ or juice might help to keep you reaching for your goal.


If you are revising, then you will need notepads, highlighters, your laptop and your course material – don’t only take the one lecture you want to study as you might find you’ll get bored or stop revising that lecture and having back-up options is a good idea. If you are completing coursework or writing essays, books and referencing material is a good start! Always try to take a little bit extra as you never know how your library session will turn out.


If you have a classmate also considering pulling an all-nighter, see if you can go together, this can motivate you to actually go to the library or study, and to survive the duration of the night. Sometimes, just working out an unspoken understanding with the student next to you can make the whole situation even more bearable! Having a friend can certainly help you and can show you how to survive an all-nighter.

Time to sleep it off

So, you are planning an all-nighter? Do you have an exam the next day, or a morning lecture you can’t afford to miss, or even work? Then working through the entire night and missing sleep won’t benefit you in any way. Only plan to study all night if you are able to act like a zombie the next day, or if it is completely necessary!

Pulling an all-nighter might seem better or worse than it actually is. Remember to plan ahead and to have an actual reason to interrupting your sleep pattern, as it will take a while to rectify, and playing GTA until 7AM because you find it too addictive, isn’t a good enough reason.

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