Helplines for Clearing 2014

If you have received your results, and it wasn’t what you were expected, there is no need to panic or worry about your chances of studying at universityy. On your UCAS Track page it will state whether your choices have offered you a place or not. Check this first, and if they haven’t, it is time to go through the Clearing process, if you still want to attend university. We have some guidance on who for you to contact if you have any queries or worries.

UCAS Exam Results Helpline

0808 100 8000

This is the main number that you should ring if you have received lower grades and unsure about your options.

If you want to check out a new university, or to see if they have any vacancies left for you, you will need to ring the universities up direct. Most universities will have their own Clearing telephone number, which will be on their website, or social media site.