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How Students Feel About Money

How Students Feel About Money

How Students Feel About Money

If you think about students and money together, you probably get this image in your head of a 20-something looking at his bank statement and crying whilst eating a reduced-priced pot noodle. You’re not far off, but there are some things you will have to accept if you’re becoming a university student and your new found relationship with money, so you’ll need to look into how to save money as a student.

You never have enough

This is how it will feel, or it could be the truth. There is not enough money to fund your entire lifestyle, including reading lists, eating healthily and the Sambuca shots on a Friday.

You just don’t know where it goes

Two weeks after you received your loan and you are in your overdraft. How did this happen? You won’t understand where your money is spent.

You will spend all your time thinking about it

You will think about money nearly all of the time, if you can afford that dress, to go cinema in town or to go out this weekend. Your mind will be completely occupied all of the time!

How to deal with the rich

The rich in your situation are the students who live off campus in a nice apartment, or have a car, or have their parents pay money into their account every month. You’ll learn how to deal with these students!

You’ll only get half the hang of saving

You’ll be good this month, you swear! You will save up your money for weeks and then buy everyone a drink at the SU… you won’t quite get the hang of it just yet.

Shopping is always cheaper than eating out

It’s important to master food shopping as a student as you will be faced with lots of yummy take-aways. Pizza GoGo is more desirable but heading down to Asda will save you more dollar. It won’t taste as good, or have the cheeseburger crust like Pizza Hut but at least you can now eat for a week!

All students are the same

Even though you’ll feel like you’re bad at finances, can’t save and waste your money buying Britney Spears’ hairbrush on eBay, just remember, all students are the same and you’re all trying to work out how to pay your bills whilst enjoying your life. Don’t beat yourself up!

Managing your money will be the hardest thing to accomplish at university, and even though some students still don’t learn the tricks by the end of the three years, you’ll definitely learn some life lessons.

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