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How to Meet People During Fresher’s Week

How to Meet People During Fresher’s Week

How to Meet People During Fresher’s Week

When you arrive at university and start unpacking your room, the best thing that you can do is to start meeting people straight away! And you will meet a lot of different people in Freshers Week. There will be hundreds and maybe even thousands of people attending your university and meeting fellow students will help the whole process of moving and starting a new chapter in your life, so here is how to meet people during fresher’s week.

Firstly, there are your housemates or the students living in your Halls and Dorm – they’ll be your first port of call. They are the people you’ll most likely go out with, play drinking games and be great neighbours. Remember to introduce yourself, if you don’t talk to anyone or try to strike up a conversation then the hard part will be there for longer than expected. You can make eye contact, smile or even just say hello and tell them your name. Once you have achieved this hurdle, the small talk will be a lot easier to handle.

On moving day – get your essentials done, which should be making your bed, chargers etc. – and have your door open at all times! When you are unpacking, having your door open will keep you updated with what is happening in your dorm or Halls. You’ll be able to see others moving in or walking around, and you can talk to them as they walk past – as they’re your new neighbours for the year! You could even have a sign on the door, a chance to be creative or just anything to strike up a conversation. After many people have stopped unpacking they usually explore together so it will invite them in.

Unpack the important stuff. Trust us, when it comes to moving in and Fresher’s week you don’t want to be wasting your time folding your underwear – get out and talk to people! Once you got the necessities taken care of, you can leave the rest in your room. When you give yourself time, you can go find your new housemates or explore the grounds. It makes you more available.

Find out who your neighbour is! It can be quite scary trying to find people or to strike up a conversation, but nothing bad is going to come of it. If you’re the first person to arrive, it gives you more time to meet everyone else – and if one person is really unsociable, just find someone else, there is going to be lots of people there, so find someone that you do want to talk to!

Exploring the grounds is a great way to get used to the area, and to find out what you have on your doorstep. Some universities have nightclubs, supermarkets, corner shops, cash machines and a small doctors surgery. Walking around will give you an idea of what it is going to be like for the next three years – and it can help you plan shopping and where you’re going to hang out after classes.

If you are feeling anxious about meeting new people, introduce yourself to a housemate and you can explore the Halls and university together; they’re feeling the exact same thing as you! Having somebody to talk to other students and neighbours will make the whole process a lot easier and usually, a lot more fun! And that’s just one of that you can look forward to, there are plenty more, so make sure you’re well versed in what to expect when living in halls.

Going to Fresher’s events is a great way to meet people, and it won’t be limited to your dorm or classes either – all the new students will be there! Universities usually have so much going on the first couple of weeks that you’ll have bags of opportunity to meet other people, remember to get involved!

University is a new chapter in your life, and it will provide you with so many experiences and stories that you’re going to talk about for years to come! By putting yourself out there – even if it is a little bit – will go a long way and you won’t regret it! So, when Fresher’s week comes around, get out of your room and mingle!

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