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Icebreakers at University: The Ones You Need to Use

Icebreakers at University: The Ones You Need to Use

Icebreakers at University: The Ones You Need to Use

When you start your first term, there will be many induction lessons, and the smaller the class group the greater chance you will have at sitting through icebreakers at university. The icebreakers can be quite fun, so if you do get a decent one that you completed in one of your classes, you should use it for your housemates are getting to know other students outside the classroom. Also, some icebreakers can be successfully turned into drinking games with the introduction of a little bit of alcohol, you can also see how to meet people in freshers week!

1 Truth and 2 Lies

This icebreaker can be creative. Each person will say or write three statements about themselves. Two of these are lies and one is true, and the rest of the group have to guess which is the lie and which is the truth. The aim of the game is for your truth not to be guessed correctly by others. Try thinking about a unique thing about yourself, or something interesting that happened to you, as they might not believe it happened.

Group Tasks

This can be little tasks, games, or something that needs to be completed. Your tutor will want to divide the class into groups so that you get to work closely with a few students – making it easier for you to start to get to know them.

Name tags

There will probably be name tags or labels. There are a few different activities surrounding these, one is when you draw three symbols next to your name and others have to guess the meaning behind them. Another game is you will have a celebrity or a famous person in history on your back, and you can mingle around the class and ask each person one question about the name on your back – to gather clues on who it might be. This gives you the chance to talk to everyone in the class and have a reason to start a conversation.

Pub Quiz style

This can be a fun icebreaker as it gives small groups a chance to unite! Everybody loves a pub quiz, and a general knowledge with a mix of subjects, or questions regarding the subject the class is about to take can be quite fun, challenging and surprising! It’s also a chance for you to get to know your fellow students whilst battling for the title!

Icebreakers at university can seem tedious and repetitive but it will be a good opportunity for you to get to know the students in your class – and even see what their academic ability is! You can check which ones to have study sessions with!

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