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Ideas on how to spend your last summer before university

Ideas on how to spend your last summer before university

Ideas on how to spend your last summer before university

Your last summer days are counting down fast, with your moving date to university getting closer on the calendar! Most students will be dreading going back to university, while others have spent the summer preparing for university. There are so many things that you can do in your last summer before university, and here are some ideas.

Beach day

Soak up the sun! Seize the opportunity of long summer days with your friends and go to the beach! With the recent history of what British summers are actually like – full of rain and storms – then take all the chance you can get for a hot day at the beach.

Road trip

Driving with your friends is one of the best pastimes, and think of the ground you could cover in the summer! What about taking a trip with your closest friends at a different part of the country? It is a great excuse for a road trip!


Nobody can deny the pleasures of a barbeque, and with all of your friends available like you are, you could spend your summer evenings with good food and good company. Especially if you are going to different universities or travelling down separate paths now.

Be a tourist

Make a list of what tourists do in your town, city or even country, and try to mark them off! Travel to London and see the sites, or go to your local tourist areas and see your hometown like they would, full of wonder and new beginnings!

Create a scrapbook

Going to university will be hard, as you might leave most of your family and friends behind. You can create a scrapbook of the last few years, or just of the summer before university, and take it with you when you move into your new Halls. Looking through your memories and photographs will be a great way of getting over the feeling of homesickness.


What better way to create memories than taking a holiday with your friends? With the sun, sand and sea, or even backpacking across Europe – the activities and moments that you’ll create will be endless and is a great way to end the summer as well as prepare yourself to start your new life at university.

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