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How to recover from illness at university

How to recover from illness at university

How to recover from illness at university

It will be a very smart move to learn how to recover from illness at university, because with Fresher’s Flu and the absence of your mum’s attention it can be hard to get well all by yourself. Being ill is never good for anybody but being ill at university and away from your friends and family who will provide you with sympathy and TLC is much worse. Here is the rundown of the illnesses you will most probably get during your first year and how to deal with them.

Sore throat

You can get a sore throat from infections and bacteria or being genuinely rundown. However, you can also get them from going out a lot, drinking and smoking too much and even shouting. When you are out at music venues or down the SU with your friends you will be shouting a lot and this will put pressure on your throat.

Low on Vitamin D AKA The Sun

You get Vitamin D from the sun and this can become a problem if you are up all night writing essays or out at the local bar and in bed all day. Once you have become nocturnal and end up spending your dedicated sleeping time in the library to catch up on the lecture you missed that morning, it will show. Avoid getting into bad habits such as: playing video games all night, going out nearly every night with your friends or catching up with work at night. Try to get back to a normal sleeping pattern. This can be done by having a really long sleep and getting back to normal, or going without sleep for one day to set your bodyclock straight.

Fresher’s Flu

This is basically what it says on the tin. A lot of students get ill during or after Fresher’s week and they think they have caught the next pandemic! When what actually happens is that they partied too hard for a week or two weeks straight and now their body is getting back at them! During Fresher’s week you can try taking a day off in between going out, or alternating them. If you go out constantly your body won’t have time to recover. Also take lots of vitamins and stay hydrated to give your body better chance to recover. The only thing you can really do with a case of Fresher’s Flu is to take lots of supplements and sleep it off. Make sure you don’t miss your inductions or first week of lectures though. Also be careful who you inform about your illness as they will all know it is Fresher’s flu and will not give you any sympathy!

Pulling a muscle

This may seem quite odd but you can get a lot of tension in your shoulders and back and this is because of all the books you are carrying! Library textbooks are extremely heavy and when you have assignments coming up you will panic and nearly take the whole section out with you! Firstly, if you find your bag too heavy try to condense it with the necessities of that day, you don’t need to take everything. Secondly, prepare for your essays before the week they are due, this way you can go to the library and use the books as a reference instead of having to carry them all home! Start using a good bag, which means a backpack or something that will support the weight of what you are carrying. After this, try wearing it on your other shoulder so you don’t stress out your painful side too much.


This is very common and it occurs especially towards the end of term and/or year. This is because of the exams and coursework due. Students find themselves having too much work to do and working too much in a short space of time. When this happens you can lose sleep worrying about getting your work done. Plan out your workload for the term, it is only 12 weeks maximum so this shouldn’t be a problem. When are notified about an assignment due start the work immediately so you can work on it little by little and have a better mindset when completing it. A decent night’s sleep is the best answer. If you are worried about getting all of your work done by the deadline, you will work better with full energy than trying to complete it whilst exhausted!


Tick off what illnesses you have got during your first year at university or the during college and let us know what you got! Also, do you some student remedies you used of your own that proved quite successful during recovery?

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