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ILOVETOUR & UniversityCompare

If you’re after sun, sea, fun, sports and partying then look no further than ILOVETOUR!

This year we’re diving deeper into the social lives of undergraduates to show you college students exactly what you can expect from university life. As always we’re here to give you advice on how you can make the most of the short time you have at university. So far we’ve lifted the lid on what you can expect from freshers week, (the dressing up, the themed nights and what drink deals are usually offered) we’ve even given you advice on who not to sleep with (sports captains, stay away!) What we haven’t yet mentioned is what may be the best experience of your entire university life. Intrigued? Read on.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, a healthy balance between social life and assignments is the key to maintaining a successful university life. It’s not all about library books, lectures and working out how to use the oven for the first time. University paves the way for you to grow as a person and certainly offers you experiences you will not want to pass up.

ILOVETOUR is one of these experiences.

With ten years experience under their belts, ILOVETOUR is a great travel company who specialise in organising sports tours for large groups of people. (Think your summer in Malia amplified) In 2012 alone, they entertained over 15,000 UK students overseas and offer tours for more sports teams you can think of (even bowling!). What’s more, they exclusively offer and operate some of the most famous university festivals from the UK such as Saloufest, Damfest and Festival Italia.

So enough about the company, how can you get involved? What exactly is a university festival? 

The festivals consist of sun, parties, fancy dress and of course, sports! Whether you’re in a rugby, football, netball or even a bowling team, you compete against other universities for two days, followed by a sensational prize giving ceremony. Between games and accepting awards, you get free time to relax, meet other students or even visit theme parks. What could be better?

Prices vary but for Saloufest (deemed the biggest and best) four nights accommodation with travel and breakfast costs only £199 per person.You can alter packages to suit your own needs for which information can be found here. If you want to organise your own sports tour, ILOVETOUR have this covered too and offer bespoke tours for university teams. Previous tours have seen students venturing to Barbados, South Africa and New Zealand. If this interests you, contact the company by clicking here.

A week in the sunshine provides that much needed break between semesters. Take the time to let your hair down, forget about assignments and have the time of your life with ILOVETOUR. But don’t just take our word for it; Josh Clarke from Anglia Ruskin University believes ILOVETOUR provide THE best experience university has to offer.

“With over 5,000 English students, Saloufest was definitely the most intense jam-packed week of my life!”Josh Clarke

University Compare have now teamed up with ILOVETOUR and are sponsoring the Anglia Ruskin University Rugby team. As previous winners in sport festivals such as Lloret de Mar, Anglia Ruskin knows the real importance of working hard and playing hard and are looking forward to another successful week in the sun.

University Compare, (as we’re all ex-students) are also sending out staff to help the students on tour and show them how great it can be. If you happen to be out there this year, don’t be a stranger and say hello! So if this all sounds like something you want to get involved in, it’s time to get off your backside, put down the Fifa 2013 and get involved in sports.

Unfortunately, ILOVETOUR did require the deposits by the end of November, however this doesn’t have to stop you from getting in on the action next year. If your fitness level isn’t what it should be, use this time to ensure you work out a little bit more and get ready for tryouts which are usually held in the first few weeks in September.

Tour is a great way to meet new people who share a common interest. Don’t be worried about people joining, the promise of an unforgettable week abroad is sure to get the attention of your fellow students.

We hope this has helped you to gain a better understanding of one of the many perks of being involved in a sports team at university. Like we said, it isn’t all long nights in the library and exam stress. If you’re after sun, sea, fun, sports and partying then look no further than ILOVETOUR; it is the place to be.

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