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How to keep in contact at university

How to keep in contact at university

How to keep in contact at university


One of the most daunting parts of the university process for many potential students is the idea that your life is going to change, or you might move far away and the life that you have come to know, along with your friends and family will disappear forever, it’s even worse when your friends are going to other universities. Fear no more, as with today’s technology there are several ways for you to stay in contact and up to date with your nearest and dearest, but there are also plenty of ways to make friends at university too.

Free messaging

Even students need to shop around for a good deal to save money when it comes to their contracts or pay-as-you-go deals on their mobile phones. Smartphones with the capability to connecting with WiFi have the perk of being able to download and use services such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, which send messages free over wireless internet. A lot of students, especially young people already use this service, but if you are going away to university it might be a good idea to download the app or help your relatives and anyone close to you who doesn’t quite understand it yet so you can continue to keep in touch effortlessly.

Remember, if you are choosing a budget contract or pay as you go option, internet usage may not be included (or in a reduced amount you are used to) in your deal, however, most providers offer WiFi as part of their perks. This way you can still use these apps, which require the internet, to contact friends and family, but just ensure you are connected to WiFi before doing so or you might find yourself using up your internet usage a lot sooner than you had planned, and network companies like to charge excessive amounts for going over usage.

Talking over the internet

The internet has offered so many services for people to connect and stay in touch, from social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to the old and loved emailing. Skype is also available for video chat if you want to show off your fancy student room to your jealous friends back home, or to prove to your mum that you are keeping your room tidy (we recommend shoving the mess in one corner so she doesn’t see it!) Emailing and Facebook messenger online will be easier for longer messages as your fingers might turn numb if you’re using your phone. And if you are choosing to do this on a laptop or desktop, you know you can easily access it via the university library, or in your student room where you know the internet is definitely secured and still steering clear of those extra charges!

Talking over the telephone

Yes, nobody has corded telephones anymore, the majority of the population have a fancy smartphone, but if you are choosing to call people often to stay in contact investing in a good deal will help you and your friends out. Certain network providers often deal with the numbers you contact most, or who are on the same network as you are, therefore invest in the research to find the best option for you.

Set up dates

You can still set up dates with your friends, partner or family to guarantee you communicate on a regular basis. With your new and exciting lifestyle and theirs being hectic it can be hard to find time to talk to each on a daily basis or the times that you used to before moving away to university. A great idea is to set a time and day to contact each other whether it is through text messaging, talking on the phone or via Skype and Facetime. These dates can be a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly occurrence when you and the receiver are free. If you set up these dates then you are more likely to be able to keep your promise, and by setting time apart in between you will definitely have things to talk about.

Don’t be too harsh

It can be really hard to stay in touch. Friends who live around the corner from each other can end up falling out or not keeping in touch anymore and distance only plays a small part in the issue. If you or your friend can’t make your date or time you agreed to chat, don’t get upset. Life somehow can get in the way and the best of friends understand this and catch up when they both can and it can make it that more special.


Do you have any tips on how to keep in contact at university, with your loved ones? Let us know by commenting below!


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