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How to Keep in Touch with Friends at University

How to Keep in Touch with Friends at University

How to Keep in Touch with Friends at University

When you have finished your A-Levels, some of your friends will go to different universities around the country – maybe even abroad! – and others may not decide to go at all, this is normal, however, something that may prey on your mind will be how to keep in touch with your friends, and these are some simple ways to ensure this happens.


Skype is free, and needs an internet connection – that’s it! You can make voice and video calls via Skype, so being able to talk face-to-face in some ways will help prevent the feeling of moving away from someone. But watch out if you have Skype installed on your mobile phone as it may use your internet usage and this can be extremely pricey!


WhatsApp is another free service that only needs the internet! It is messaging over the internet, similar to texting. Most Halls and areas at the university will have free WiFi, so this will help you not to go over your mobile limit! Be careful when you do try to call or send media files over the app as it can cost depending on if you are connected to the internet.

Group chats

If you are a part of a group of friends, then starting up a group chat can help you all keep in touch as you move into different directions! Facebook, WhatsApp, and iPhones all support this feature, and keep you feeling safe in mind in never missing a part of your friend’s life, just because you are 100 miles away!

Reading week

Lots of universities have Reading Weeks, which is when the university doesn’t have lectures for a week (up to four) for student’s to study and to catch up on the reading set by the classes. This is a perfect opportunity to maybe visit home and have a catch up with your friends and loved ones. Seeing them every few months will make the idea of a whole year at university less scary!

Open mind

It may seem cheesy, but understanding how things will be, realistically, will help the whole process run smoothly. You and your friends will move in different directions, and understanding that general parts of life get in the way of keeping touch religiously will make it easier. You may find yourself having a great time getting to know people, studying, or even adjusting to your new life, and realise its been two weeks since you last replied to your old school friend’s text! This is okay!

Life will, inevitably, get in the way sometimes, but this is normal and is the best type of test for you and all your friendships. The best of friendships will be able to pick it up where you left off at any time.

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