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What to learn from students on TV

What to learn from students on TV

What to learn from students on TV

There are students on TV everywhere and in the movies, but they’re not really good at portraying what student life is really like. If you look back to Saved by the Bell, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and even to The Social Network university isn’t like what it seems!

That you actually have to study

It feels like in all of these shows and movies the students have all of this spare time to do anything that they want to do, but you never see the scenes where they got a bad mark on their essay or had to have a meeting with their tutor because of their attendance!

That you won’t have as much money as08 them

Money issues are barely discussed on TV, and there is never talk about how Mark Zuckerberg had to live off of beans on toast to survive his years at college! TV doesn’t help you prepare for the harsh realities of being a poor student.

Your social life will not be as full

The on screen personalities might always have friends, always have a party to go to and a girl or boy to go on a date with, but your life might not be that socially fulfilling! You could find yourself just waiting around for the weekend where you and your friends’ schedules match up or that there will be a time where you are a single pringle!

Your life won’t be as exciting or eventful

Bear in mind that you should always go after your dreams, but Facebook has already been invented and it doesn’t mean you will definitely be the next Zuckerberg! People who work hard genuinely have it pay off, but don’t start living the lifestyle of a multi-millionaire entrepreneur just yet.

You are actually going to have to take an exam

The TV doesn’t show exam season. Ever. You might see the odd exam, or in the Inbetweeners there was that one episode of the A-Level exams, but in real life, revision isn’t just a 30 minute time slot on prime time TV. Exam season can last months, and ruin your spring, but it is more a part of your life than what it is on TV.

You will have to attend lectures

Yes, you will actually have to go to classes if you want to pass. It can be tough to be able to juggle all the priorities that you have, but if you want a decent degree grade then be prepared to go to the lessons. Van Wilder is a great example of somebody not going to class and finishing university – don’t follow in Ryan Reynold’s footsteps!


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