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Painful Lessons You’ll Learn at University

Painful Lessons You’ll Learn at University

Painful Lessons You’ll Learn at University

University is a learning experience and we’re not just talking about the degree you’ll hopefully leave with. Studying at Higher Education will give you an opportunity to learn things from all areas of your life, and here are some lessons you’ll learn at university.

You won’t have enough time

This is what every undergraduate student will feel like. Even during the first year when the grades don’t contribute to your grades, you’ll feel like you’re constantly doing coursework.

You won’t get on with everyone

It isn’t going to be as friendly and sociable as you think. Your housemates might not like you, your classmates might find you annoying and your lecturers might find you irritating. It’s okay, you don’t have to be everyone’s best friend.

You’ll have to attend some lectures

If you think University is like that film with Ryan Reynolds is in, it isn’t. You will have to attend some lectures to learn the material and pass. It isn’t all remote work!

You really should spend more time on coursework

The deadline is tomorrow and you won’t have even planned your essay yet – this will become more of your normal routine. You should really put more effort in!

How much time you can do nothing

You’ll be so surprised that you can put the Desperate Housewives or Breaking Bad box set in and still be there 15 hours later.

How non-rewarding procrastinating is

You’re just going to open up this email or check out this YouTube clip of a kitten eating toilet paper. Procrastination is good for short-term boredom but it won’t get you anywhere.

That you need to look after yourself

Eating chicken burgers, kebab wraps and pot noodles won’t make you feel 100% all of the time. You will need to add some colours in there somehow, and we don’t mean burger sauce.

How much you hate doing laundry

You’ll forget all the things your mum does for you, like making sure you’re not wearing clothes that smell and university will be a painful reminder.

How great wet wipes are

Wipes of all kinds are a life-saver. Lecture in ten minutes but still have last night’s make-up on? Face wipe. Having a girl over in your room? All-purpose wipes.

Don’t do anything you don’t want to

You’ll find university is full of opportunities, whether going out, seeking new hobbies or downing a dirty pint. But you’ll realise, you don’t need to do them all, or something you don’t want to do just to cross it off your list.

How quickly it will fly by

Three to four years? Pah! It’s like a whole lifetime away! You may feel during your first semester that you are going to be here for the rest of your life, but when it comes to the end you’ll wonder where the time went!

You’ll get it wrong

You won’t get top marks for every essay, you won’t be able to digest all of the reading material and you won’t be able to make everyone happy. University is just a part of life, and if you accept you might get it wrong, the pressure will ease off.

University is full of exciting opportunities and experiences and one of the biggest things you need to realise, is that it won’t be perfect, but it will be life-changing.

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