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Life lessons you’ll learn from University

Life lessons you’ll learn from University

Life lessons you’ll learn from University

Once you start your degree, you’ll learn more than what is stated in the module outline, there are important life lessons from university and some very painful lessons you’ll learn at university, that pop up along the way, and after a while, you will forget that you even had to adjust at all. Here is a list of things that are considered ‘life lessons’ and how you will come across them.


This is the most important and valuable life lesson learnt from your time at university. You will receive your student Loans at the beginning of each term and it is down to you to make your money stretch for three to four months. It is very difficult to budget, you should look into some student budgeting tips, however, when you get to the last days before you next instalment to realise that you can live on very little and still go out. Use this to an advantage and always try to do better during the next term.


Understanding what you do and don’t have is a great teacher in life. You have an amazing opportunity to study something you are passionate about and expand your career prospects later in life, all thanks to the degree you are taking. University is a great time to meet new people, create connections, network and to make friends for life.

A Choice

You have a choice, this is set in stone. Only you can decide whether to go to that lecture, you make the decision on going out on a Thursday night, you can choose to have a meat feast pizza for breakfast. Life is all about choices, and now that you are an independent adult at university, there are so many more decisions and nobody is there to judge you on them – well, maybe the pizza.


As students are from all over the world, speaking many languages, having different orientation and personalities, university is one of the places where nobody cares! As you will be thrown into Halls with a random selection of other students, finding similarities and accepted others just comes naturally, as well as people accepting you for who you are, it’s pretty great!

You can’t have everything

Even though you make your own decisions, have your own money and free time, there is simply not enough time and money in your world to make every wish come true. If you only have enough money to pay your phone bill, then you probably shouldn’t go out that weekend. This is a hard life lesson as desiring objects and experiences is human nature and not being able to provide them for yourself is denying that. However, you can work hard to make them possible later, with saving up money or working to free you up time later on. It is all about compromise.

Who will like you

Your course may have 30 students per class or 150 students in one lecture hall. University is really a student-to-student experience, not all are the same. As there are hundreds and thousands of students at each university and college, there will be, undoubtedly, people who do not like you. It may seem unfair or challenging, but it will happen. Remember to not take it personally, and if there really is a problem between you and someone else, try to work through it but it won’t be guaranteed. Focus on you and your friend circle and your studies and let the haters hate!

Looking after yourself

Ready meals may seem cheap and convenient, but after a few weeks of Asda’s Meal For One, kebab and Sambuca shots your body is going to feel it! If you don’t look after yourself, your body will tell you one way or another, whether it is catching Colds, Flu, viral infections or just feeling not yourself. Plan to implement healthier meals, fruit and vegetables, and vitamins and minerals to keep you being you!

University is hard enough, with coursework, deadlines and referencing (we hate that!), however, we’re not lying when we tell you it is a learning experience and it is going to be a great one at that. You’ll make mistakes and have regrets but it’s all going to be worth it.

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