Life quotes to motivate you every day

We all love quotes, and GIFs which is why we’ve included the top  life quotes to motivate each and every person. Nothing gets better than reading a quote and feeling on top of the world!

1. Imagination is everything

Never curb your creativity - it is too powerful!

2. Winnie the Pooh was a smart Pooh bear

3. Friends are the most sentimental posessions

4. You are your own judge and motivator

5. Love is powerful and you shouldn't ignore it

Don't choose anything over love

6. Nothing is set in stone

You can always have your happy ending

7. You will always have the chance to start over

Nothing is forever

8. Patience is important

9. Have confidence to be wrong

10. Expand your mind

11. Don't worry about what others think about you

They're not worth your time

12. Don't worry if you change as a person

Nobody stays the same

13. Don't dwell on yesterday

14. You will get stronger

15. Quantity is better than quality

16. Hard work can achieve anything

17. Never be too afraid to start anything

18. Help others to help yourself

19. Material things do not mean happiness

20. The best thing you can wear is a good attitude

21. Sometimes the easy path isn't the right path

22. Good and bad exists everywhere

And don't feel scared of mixing the two

23. Nothing is impossible

Seriously, nothing is impossible.

What life quotes do you go by?