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What it is like being a student?

What it is like being a student?

What it is like being a student?

It is perfectly fine to watch all of the movies and TV shows that host students and envy their party lifestyle and watch them receive decent grades regardless of no effort being made. However, this isn’t a realistic portrayal of student life or what it is like to study a degree. So, if you’re wondering what it is like being a student then read the information below and turn of the television!


There will still be a daily routine in your student lifestyle – even if it refers to you staying awake until 4am each night. Although it is completely up to you now how to spend your time, you will have a timetable and you do have to attend your lectures. Universities allow students to miss a percentage of classes for whatever reason you have but you can’t survive university without going to a single lecture.  You’ll still have washing to do, keep up appearances and have that weekly phone call with mum.


Every course will have exams, coursework, presentations, group projects or any mix of the above; the unlucky ones have all of them! Deadlines are very important at university and the majority of work is handed in online, and this causes issues when entire courses or classes are trying to submit their work at the same time with three minutes to spare! If you incur technical difficulties your tutor won’t allow this excuse and you’ll automatically receive a lower mark for submitting late!

Hard work

You’re not going to become an Honours student without the work. It is true that you’ll find some classes easier than others but you don’t know everything, which is one of the reasons why you’re at university! If you want to leave university with a decent grade and a good degree level then you’re going to have to work for it. Nobody flies through university without doing any work and gets the grade that they deserve!


You are responsible for paying your bills on time, not overspending your budget, attending lectures, cleaning and tidying and being a good person. No one else can do any of these things for you – unless you keep all of your dirty washing for when you return home in reading week! Apart from that, you are going to have to keep on top of your finances and watch your spending, because if you get yourself into trouble it will affect you for years after you have left university and that is no fun at all!


It doesn’t matter how old you are or how mature you seem, not everyone is like you and there will be drama. There will be drama within your Halls, dorm, friendship group and even your classes sometimes. People will get into relationships and break up, or there will be confrontations or simply someone pressing the Fire Alarm at 3:45 in the morning. University life will be full of drama because of the close proximity everybody is living in, and you all share the fact that you’re studying at the same institution.

No matter how much you read about university you won’t fully understand what it is like being a student until you are there and doing it! It is best to keep a realistic outlook though so you are prepared as much as you can be!

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