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How long does it take to apply to university?

How long does it take to apply to university?

How long does it take to apply to university?

There is no straight answer to the question, “How long does it take to apply to university?’, and it is simply due to every person is different and is going to take a separate amount of time to come to their decision. It is vital that you don’t rush your decision or start the application process just before the deadline incase you incur problems or miss open day opportunities.

Ideally it will take you a few months to apply to university, and before you have a mental breakdown this doesn’t mean spending hours every day throughout the entire 12 weeks. The reason that it can take a few months is with the simple fact that you won’t be ‘applying to university’ every day and this is taken into account. You will research and compare universities in your spare time and it will work around your current studies, free time and socialising – so nobody expects you to do it everyday! This also includes travelling to open days which are dotted about throughout the year.

You also have to take into consideration of the UCAS, university and course deadlines. Medicine courses has a very early deadline, much like Oxbridge as their application process is slightly more complicated and long winded and they have to be process the heap of applications. Different courses have separate deadlines and you should check into this before you start researching universities. Secondly, UCAS has a deadline in January, so this is why you need to get everything sorted before Christmas to ensure you’re not rushing around in the New Year.

Next, you want to attend an open day because what it can offer you and your choices. Pictures in the prospectus and the information printed online will never be sufficient enough to make the right decision. Go to an open day, talk to current students and take a tour of the campus. Nothing is more helpful in applying to a university than if you can actually imagine yourself walking the grounds!

Lastly, another reason it may take slightly longer is due to that you’re not going to get everything right first time! You want to be able to have the freedom and the time to work on your personal statement and have your teachers, friends and family check over it before you submit it. If you are applying via your school or college you will have to connect your UCAS application to your institution. By giving yourself enough time and arranging your free time to complete the right research you will make the right decision!

The UCAS process can be confusing and scary, look out for future articles where we tell you everything you need to know so you can apply to university as we explain every stage of the application!

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