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What you might find annoying about university teachers

What you might find annoying about university teachers

What you might find annoying about university teachers

Students who are entering university level may have the idea that studying a degree will be more relaxing and laid back than previous education systems; this isn’t the case – and in fact, it is misleading, mainly because bad advice turns poor students off university. Each university, course, module and teacher have a different style and set of rules to give students the most information and in the best way to suit them in the future and set them up for further study. Not all aspects of university are going to be what it looks like in the movies, here is what you might find annoying about university teachers and you can see what the first term of university is like.


Your lecturers will repeat. Your lecturers will repeat. Trust us! Educators worry that because they have to teach at least a dozen students at a time – and it can be as high as hundreds per sitting – that not everyone is understanding the material, and are at the same academic ability, and this is why they will go over what it feels like, the same things. Even if it seemed the easiest part of the course to yourself, not everyone will feel the same, and you might find yourself sitting there in pure and utter boredom.

Not using the textbook

Before term started you received a reading list for your course and you rushed out to the store and online to buy them all – you want the best head start right? Then, your individual tutors may give you a reading list, and again you bought some more and piled them up in your room. After for each coursework or work set, your tutor gave you another set of books to read for that exact question, and you find yourself getting worked up because you haven’t heard one teacher mention, reference or talk about anything from any of the books recommended. This is going to feel like a huge waste of time!

Not being prepared for the exam

This can apply for examinations and coursework deadlines. Most professors will hand out course guidelines or an outline of what you’re going to learn during the module, and when the key deadlines are, so you can be organised. However, as the weeks pass you may find that you haven’t even covered the topic that you’re going to be tested on in three days time in class, or that your coursework question is completely unrelated to the subject you are discussing currently? These things happen, and the only way to succeed is to schedule in severe and harsh independent study!

Attendance is too important

Most undergraduates think that university is in no way similar to their school days – oh, how they can be wrong! Attendance is still important at university. Why? Because universities want you to turn up to class, sit the exams and get a decent grade, and not only just so you have a wonderful qualification when you finally leave, but so their statistics look good. So, ditching lessons aren’t going to be as easy as you think! Some teachers take poor attendance as a personal attack at them; get to know your teachers separately and know how they like their classes to be run.

Assignment questions you don’t want to do

Coursework is rarely fun, and hardly includes subjects and research which you are passionate about. Students will feel the dread every six weeks or so, of the coursework questions being released and they have to try to pick just one to work on – and this can be the hardest obstacle of all, especially as they don’t want to do any of them!

Being too interactive

If your lecturer stood in the same spot in the class and read out in a monotone style of voice, no student would be able to stay awake or digest the information being taught. However, if your lecturer walks around aimlessly and you find yourself focusing on how they can’t stay still or throwing sudden questions out into the seating area, you’re not going to learn much either way. Sometimes, your lecturer being too interactive isn’t a good thing either.

Rushing the big stuff

Each tutor has their own way to get through the material they need to for the course, and sometimes, they find it best to regurgitate all of the theory and important information at the beginning, so you can apply it later – and this might prove difficult for you. Another misconception is that tutors assume students comprehend what they’re discussing and brush over it slightly, and you could be sitting there absolutely dumbfounded!

Personal favourites

So you might not be the perfect student who seems to know the answer to everything in class – it’s okay! However, favouritism isn’t just listed as students, some teachers have favourite textbooks, clips, films and journals, that when it comes to you conducting research they’re absolutely nowhere to be found on the Earth’s surface; because they’re too old… Teachers have the tendency to stick with something because they love it and then recommend it religiously until the day of retirement – so be prepared to try to find replacements!

University teachers are just teachers, they will be as funny, annoying and inspiring as any you have come across before, and higher education doesn’t change that fact. However, because of the higher level of academic and independent study involved, you might find annoying things about your teachers more unbearable than you have before!

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