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What you might not know about results day

What you might not know about results day

What you might not know about results day

Results day is different for everyone, each student will be feeling different emotions and have a completely opposite future lying ahead of them in comparison to the person standing next to them. To help you feel fully prepared, here are some things you might not know about results day, that can help you when you collect your results today.

Clearing is one step ahead

The Clearing process has actually already begun, some Clearing courses have been listed as early as the 6th August – but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean they’re all gone! This is just universities showing what spaces they have left over and given you an idea of what you can be looking at.

UCAS Track

If you’re unable to collect your results first thing, then you should take a look at your UCAS application; your universities will have already made a decision, so you don’t have to wait around until you get your official results to know if you have a place at university. If you haven’t received an offer, this just means you didn’t get the grades you were expecting and can go onto Clearing to find another space.

Everyone isn’t included

Clearing helps tens of thousands of students find a course each year, but it doesn’t mean that every institution is part of the gang. Not every university will have spots available or be involved with Clearing altogether; so bear this in mind when you are looking for an alternative to your first university. However, if you received jaw-dropping results, or really believe you can prove to be an outstanding student at the universities who are not a part of Clearing, it won’t hurt to contact them directly and speak to someone and explain your situation. However, nothing will be guaranteed.


Receiving different results to what you were expecting can work in both ways, and some students get higher results than what they initially thought – well done! If this happens, students are able to go through Adjustment, which is similar to Clearing, , where you can trade you university place for something else that requires different conditions, like higher grades. Adjustment is slightly different, with a shorter time span and other rules, but it is worth looking into.

It isn’t set in stone

If you pick up your results and have just missed out on your grad before you start ringing around the country for a place to stay for three years, check UCAS Track. Some universities will offer you a place anyway, especially if you were so close to getting the results you were expecting. The Clearing process isn’t black and white, and staying positive and persistent will prove a great outcome.

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