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What if I miss Clearing 2014?

What if I miss Clearing 2014?

What if I miss Clearing 2014?

September 30th is going to creep around sooner than you think, and if you are going through Clearing 2014 and haven’t found a course vacancy that is good for you, you need to get moving fast. Clearing will end after this date, and this may mean you’re not going to university this year, but it also means there are options for studying at Higher Education and what to do if you missed Clearing.

September 30th

If it is the last day, and you desperately want to find a course, still browse the media and university’s website and social media accounts for information about courses that still have vacancies. There will still be course places left, so get back on that computer!

Use the phone

Call the university’s up direct to speak to a real person from that institution, and ask them about the spots that have left, and what you can do if it is after that date.

You’ve changed your mind

If you’ve decided to wait a year, you can defer your application, which means you still have the application for next year for the same courses, this can be handy if you plan to take resits to get those grades, or deferring your place, so your name is on the list but you are going next year. You may even decide that you want to cancel the application altogether and spend the next 12 months in deep thought, and pondering about life, until you can decide what to do. All of these options are fine, you have to do what is right for you, and not what everyone else is doing.

Taking a year out

If you are not attending university this year, you can spend the year working to save money, studying and revising for re-sits, taking another course or short course, volunteering or even travelling! There are so many options for you and you won’t be sitting at home twiddling your thumbs!

Clearing 2014 is during a short space of time compared to the whole year of choosing courses, universities, filling out the application and waiting for offers, so if you have missed Clearing 2014, don’t worry as there are other options out there for you. If you don’t fancy re-taking your exams you can look for another course that accepts your grades for next year.

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