Money-saving tips for students

Budgeting and trying to save money as a student can be as hard as passing the degree itself! Here are some of the best money-saving tips for students who have no idea how to save money.

1. Save any money as you can

Now this first tip may seem a bit obvious, but make a penny jar, and a pound jar if you are not good at saving the big bucks. Put every pound and penny you have on you in the jar and let it top itself up. BONUS TIP: If you can get a jar that can't be easily opened will result in more savings

2. Check your library before buying textooks

This will save you so much money, especially in regards to how much you actually use the 'core' textbooks

3. Look out for old editions, or electronic editions of textbooks

Older editions, or e-book versions of your textbooks will be less in demand and will save you money in fines as old editions have longer renting time, and e-books are free online

4. Go shopping on a full stomach

Have a big meal before you shop will save so much money! Shopping on an empty stomach crates the likelihood of impulse buying

5. Try to avoid credit cards and overdrafts

Student overdrafts and credit cards may seem like a sweet deal but they're not really free money - the cost of having these will appear eventually and cost an arm and a leg

6. Rent TV shows and movies from the library

Your university library movie and TV collection won't be as outdated as you think especially if there is a big film/media department!

7. Try all free samples and experiences

If anything is free, take it, or take it for a friend

8. Take it in turns to cook meals

If you are in a dorm or share a house, try out sharing meals where one person cooks for the entire house on different days. That way you only cook twice a week, and can prepare cheap and filling meals like pasta.

9. Take your own snacks and drinks with you

Never buy in the university coffee shop or canteen - the prices may be slightly cheaper but will add up to wasted dollar. Take drinks and snacks that you have prepared previously with you. Buy drinks in bulk or go for cheaper brands.

Have you got any money-saving tips for students you want to share? Let us know below!