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More things every student does at university

More things every student does at university

More things every student does at university

Living away from home and going away to university is a blessing a curse for most young people. Fresher’s week is typically a blur due to partying, shots and induction lessons, and even though the first year doesn’t count towards the overall degree qualification it doesn’t have to be wasted. We have already gone through the top 8 things every student does at university, and we have some more habits and situations that each and every student will end up going through during studying!

Not washing up

Mouldy plates and cutlery is a deep ache at university, you want to make something to eat, but you cannot find the energy to wash the plates you used the weekend. The struggle is real. It’s hard to become domestic overnight, but by doing your chores as they happen will ease the load. Washing up after eating will take less than five minutes and sounds a lot better than spending an hour doing three weeks’ worth!

Lock yourself out of your dorm

Those friends we told you to make earlier? Well, they will come in handy now, if they can let you into the building, or to smile and be friendly with the security guards that patrol the campus – because they’re going to be your hero at times like these. A new set of keys at university, especially with the electric jobs, can cost up to £50.00 to replace, and on a student budget this won’t be welcomed lightly.

Eating ‘dodgy’ food

That use-by-date is just a guide right? And that burger wasn’t on the floor for more than 10 seconds, so I am sure I will live? Students will, especially if intoxicated, make stupid decisions regarding food in the back of their cupboard. Best before dates can be misleading, as some items last longer than what is printed, but it doesn’t necessarily work for all foods and use-by-date and sell-by-dates are two different categories. The first references when you should consume the food, and the latter is referring to when the store can sell the food. Try not to go past these as it might make you feel ‘dodgy’ inside too!

Forget to purchase toilet rolls

This is a nightmare, and we sincerely hope that this never happens to you! Running out of toilet roll, whilst on the toilet, is pretty much one of the worst things to happen to any undergraduate. It is a must-have household item that seems to be forgotten during the shopping trip. Also, whilst discussing toilet rolls, never buy the cheapest available. Yes the cheapest rolls will make your wallet feel better, but the same won’t be said for your bum. Cheap toilet paper doesn’t last and due to its very poor quality, it usually has to be used in bulk to be effective – therefore, it will cost you more regardless! Invest in a decent, or somewhat decent toilet paper. Don’t worry, it’s not just toilet rolls that students forget to buy, there’s plenty of things that students forget to buy.

Forgetting to phone home

It can be really easy to forget to ring home, check in with the parents, or to let your mum know that you are in fact alive, but you should try to avoid this! Setting up a weekly reminder to call your friends and/or loved ones will also help to keep friendships alive and to keep you in your parent’s good books! Don’t forget the people who helped to get you where you are now! Especially if you need to borrow money from the bank of mum, keep her sweet!

Pretending that you’re not homesick

We all know that we miss home – there is no denying it! Pretending to not miss home won’t make you look bigger, cooler or harder on the outside, because everyone feels this way when they first move out. If you do find that you feel down in the dumps, remember you are not alone, call home, decorate your university room and stay distracted.

Not sticking to a budget

We all tell ourselves and our families that we will stick to our budget and that we can survive on the bare minimum amount of money – this won’t last. Budgeting is out of the window during Fresher’s week, and after that you realise that you don’t have enough funds to make a budget, let alone stick to one, and decide to live on beans for 8 weeks. However, even if you attempt to stick to a budget half the time, it will improve your financial situation in some form. Becoming completely reckless with money throughout the entire time at university will only lead to debt and borrowing which can be even more damaging to your credit report. You need to make sure that you know what you’re going to be spending your student loans on.

Buying the first reading list

Nobody actually reads the reading list – yes, you read that here! The university will send out a reading list for each student to buy, read and prepare for their classes. Some classes may also provide a more a specific reading list to go alongside the module – but you don’t need to buy these books! First, if you really want to read them, or some, then check out second-hand options, online and the university library. Textbook style books tend to be available at the library as there are numerous copies. Unless the textbook is connected to a big case study – most tutors and teachers won’t even mention these books after week one and you have just waited over £100 and you’ll use these books as a door stop if they don’t have any other use.

Signing up to a student overdraft

The banks make it seem as if an overdraft is fun, safe and the best thing to have at university – but try with all of your strength to avoid signing up to one! Banks may state a 0% interest, but nearly all of them will increase this as soon as you graduate, meaning when you finish Uni and are looking for a job you have payments to make! Also, an overdraft may feel like free money, but it isn’t – it is a form of borrowing and it is really tough to get yourself back on track. Therefore, stick to your budget, go without – as in clubbing and takeaways – if you have to avoid that overdraft. Make sure that you’re in a pisition when you’re able to understand student debt.


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