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Why you need a back-up plan for Results day

Why you need a back-up plan for Results day

Why you need a back-up plan for Results day

Results day is only a couple of days away, and you have done everything you can to try to get the grades you were predicted or even better; but in some cases, your first plan might fall through, and this is why you need a back up plan for results day, to keep yourself in the loop for whatever may happen and be completely prepared.

Go back to the beginning

If you do need to find another course or university because you haven’t received an offer on UCAS Track, a great idea is to go back to your notes – if you kept some! – and re-research your original shortlist of institutions and courses you had when you first were applying to university. These universities interested you for a handful of reasons, so re-visit them and see if they still do!

Similar courses

You are no longer caged by your initial course desires, you have the opportunity, through Clearing, to branch out to similar course or an entirely different subject area. This is your chance to get a place on something that you are interested in and maybe a course completely new!


There are so many institutions that take part during the Clearing and Adjustment process and you should never stick all of your eggs in one basket! Other universities have so much to offer students, and when you have done the research you can find a real gem! Have a list of universities you are considering attending, and write down their contact information, like emails, telephone numbers and Clearing hotlines, and follow them social media for a live up-to-date information about Clearing vacancies.


Your back-up plan can include upgrading to a different course because you received better results than predicted! Adjustment works slightly different to Clearing, but if you find that you did better than expected, you have five days to find and accept an offer onto a different course and/or university. But it’s definitely worth a research, yes?!

Take a break?

If you aren’t successful during Clearing, or have completely the research and are not interested in any other courses or universities, why not take a gap year? Gap years can give you the chance to re-sit exams, or re-take courses to get the grades you need to be accepted. They also are great for gaining work experience, volunteering and travelling, and you never know, after the year is up, you may find that you have an entirely different calling in life! Consider taking a gap year as a back-up plan!

Results day is going to be a hurricane of emotions, but if you are prepared, organised and have a few back-up plans then you can handle anything that it can throw at you!

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