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What you need to do before you leave home for university

What you need to do before you leave home for university

What you need to do before you leave home for university

Once you have chosen a university, whether you went through the UCAS process or found yourself going through Clearing, there are a few things you need to do before you leave home for university. We have excluded out the general list, which includes packing and enrolling online, but here are a few things you never might have thought you needed to do before the big day arrives.

Have an old school sleepover

The majority of the members included in your friendship group won’t be travelling with you to university and be present physically during your degree, therefore, a sleepover old-school style is the perfect way to temporarily part ways. Spending as much time as you possibly can with your best friends before you split into your different paths will help you make more memories and appreciate them. Organise a sleepover with your closest and dearest, and reminisce about your history with photographs, videos or doing things that you have always done, such as, watching a favourite movie or playing computer games.

Sit down with your parents

Although you are absolutely prepared to take the plunge and move away to university, become a decent adult and revel in all of the new found responsibilities, you are going to miss mum and dad. No matter how excited you are to explore the word on your own two feet, you are going to need them at one point during your time at university, and it could be to transfer some money over or to ask them how to re-head a stew in the microwave. A perfect way to say goodbye is to have a sit down meal the night before you go – like the good ol’ times. Furthermore, your parents are going to love you even more for doing this, and now you are definitely in their good books, they won’t mind when you bring all of your dirty laundry home with you during reading weeks!

The gramps

This refers to your nan and granddad, grandma and grandpa or even nana and gramps – whatever adorable names you use to give them as a young nipper! Your grandparents are definitely telling everyone down the post office that they are so proud of you and bragging about you leaving to go to university! Try to pop round for a cup of tea and a slice of your nan’s famous sponge cake. Because your life is going to get a lot busier with coursework, deadlines, work experience and your newly ignited social life, and you could find yourself just having less time for them now.

Appreciate home cooked meal

The key word mentioned here is, ‘appreciate’! Once you start university as a Fresher, ‘home’ and ‘cooked’ are rarely going to be in your vocabulary! Yes, your stomach is going to be fuelled with southern fried chicken, chicken burgers and cheesy chips! Your energy levels are being pumped by Ronald McDonald and The Colonel! It can be hard to appreciate and understand this now, however, as soon as you get to university, you’ll soon miss your mum’s slightly burnt shepherd’s pie and your dad’s overload of paninis!

Be grateful you don’t have to do your own washing yet

We understand that you think that by putting your clothes in the washing bin you’re helping out around the house, but when it comes to the first day of the term you are on your own! Although your mum told you what each button means on the washing machine, it will seem extremely more tedious when it is your turn! Thrive on knowing that for these few weeks, your life will still be full of bliss, before the housework begins!

Starting a new journey with university is going to be an exceptional experience, and even though you just can’t seem to wait until that happens, take a few moments each day to appreciate all that is around you and what might be different when term starts.

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