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What to do between now and results day

What to do between now and results day

What to do between now and results day

The whole UCAS process is a lengthy one, taking nearly up to an entire year from planning to confirmation from the university, and it can take a long time for students to learn how to prepare for university. Students begin thinking about their future in the autumn term of their final year at sixth form or college, and won’t know for definite if they’re going to a university until August the following year. With the spring term coming to an end and the summer term approaching slowly, what should students do between now and results day?

Stop refreshing!

The first crumb of advice we can give any potential student is to stop refreshing that UCAS Track page! No matter how often you click F5, your status won’t change within that millisecond. Set a time to check your UCAS Track status once a week, the same day and time each week so that you stop obsessing over it. Students shouldn’t feel anxious about missing an offer or not responding within the deadline as UCAS do send an email when their status changes.

Open up those textbooks!

The next issue is the boring part – revising! It isn’t on the top of most student’s fun lists, but it’s essential. If you want to get that conditional offer and achieve your predicted grades then open up that textbook, set up a revision schedule and stick to it!

Attend an Open Day

It doesn’t matter that much if you haven’t had the chance to scout out all of the universities from your choices, but the experience will still hold value after you submit your application. An open day can really make or break a decision and give you the right tools to make the right choice on where you’re going to study for the next three to four years. When you attend an open day you can talk to previous students, have a tour of the campus and check out where you’re going to call home! You would be surprised at how many students change their minds about their university after they’ve attended an open day!

Keep a track on your progress

If your universities have told you that you need specific entry requirements, grades, experience and forms then this is the time to get it all in order. You can speak to your teachers and tutor to create a plan on how to achieve your predicted grades, set up that volunteering gig if you need a certain amount of hours of experience, or fill out all the paperwork before results day.

Results day is 13th August 2015 and it might seem like a lifetime away but in reality, it will come out of nowhere and if you keep yourself organised and on track then it won’t hit you so hard!

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