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Your options after Results day without university in the picture

Your options after Results day without university in the picture

Your options after Results day without university in the picture

When you receive your grades on results day, they can send you in a different direction than you originally planned, in fact, this can give you many different alternatives to attending university. Whether you didn’t get the grades than expected, couldn’t find a course during Clearing, or decided that you want to take a gap year – if you choose to take a gap year, you should think long and hard about this, and check into all of the big decisions that come with this, before you answer the question, should I go on a gap year?There are options after results day without university in the picture.


Going back to college or studying at home, could help you achieve grades you will need for university next year, if you found out you didn’t get the grades you needed. Taking a year to re-sit exams or re-take A-Levels will help you have a better chance of securing a place on a course that you really want to study – and not just settling for any course you can get. It is more important to study something that you enjoy and are passionate about, than just going to university for the sake of it.

Work experience

If you want to try something completely new, you could volunteer for work experience in an entirely different working sector, or gain valuable knowledge and experience in a placement connected to what you want to study at university. Gaining work experience will look good on your university application as well as job interviews after you graduate. What you learn during your placements,

Next time

If you feel that you wanted a gap year, to help clear your thoughts, and to have an entire year deciding what you want to do and where you want to study, then applying to university next year is the best option for you. During your year off you could travel, or work to save up for your tuition fee when you do decide to go to university. Universities appreciate that students decide to take gap years, but you need to explain what you did with your time, and not show that you wasted the year off.

Even if you don’t receive the grades you were expecting, there are great alternatives after results day, giving you extra opportunities with university out of the picture, for this year anyway

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