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Our Recommended Five A Day

Our Recommended Five A Day

Our Recommended Five A Day

Now the summer of worry and anxiety are over you should focus on you. And we have some top tips to make sure you are at your best, mind, body and emotionally! Now it’s up to you whether you use these, but they certainly do come highly recommended from all walks of uni-life. It is important to keep healthy at uni as well as staying fit at uni.

1: Addictive Activities

If you are attending University you are most likely to drink and smoke more likely than you would at home, with your Nana sitting on the sofa watching X Factor on a loud volume because her hearing aid is on the wrong setting. So you will meet so many new people, who do different things and already have their own habits that can range from cigarettes to Starbucks. You have left home and it is really scary and everything is new, and you are out most nights of the week, especially during Freshers. Enjoying yourself and letting your hair down after sitting an exam or finishing a hard piece of coursework, but don’t let it get a hold of you. Not only do bad habits like drinking, smoking and eating badly cost money that has a bad effect on your mind and body, so be careful.

2: Mini Me

University is a big place full of lots of people, more people than you thought could fit in a single place! It is good to be eager to fit in and to get a good circle of friends but sometimes you need to fit in some of ‘me’ time. Your inner self or your ‘Mini Me’ can be made happy by doing your favourite things, like evening walks, listening to your favourite music, napping or playing video games. Just make sure you put time aside for yourself as your studies and social life can get on top of you.

3: Laps

Most universities have their own gym facilities, if not, try to find a local gym and they may do a student deal. There are more exercises that can be completed other than the gym, there are lots of cheap exercises for students, which are great fun and keeping you fit! Remember eating two pot noodles and a kebab a day won’t keep you fit and healthy, try to add some regular exercise to your regime. Exercise releases endorphins and will make you feel better and help de-stress. Remember to eat breakfast – the most important meal of the day! – And eating healthily and certain ‘brain’ food will help you during exam season.

4: Zzzzz

This is a basic rule; get enough sleep. The recommended amount is around 8 hours of sleep a night. We all know that won’t have for at least three weeks, with Freshers and the dorm parties you will be invited to and besides all that Vodka Red Bull will have you buzzing for days! After the exciting first few weeks are over and you are getting used to your study timetable, sleep will be the best answer for a lot of problems. If you have headaches, can’t think straight or can’t seem to get up for your lectures then you need to go to get more sleep. And most of the time if you get a good night of sleep then all those grumpy tantrums will go away too!

5: Gold Star

Now you are at university and officially an adult you need to be in charge of your own life. This includes, food, bills and your studies. Make sure you eat properly – a student cookbook is very helpful, or check for recipes online – don’t spend all your money in the first half of term, and set yourself goals and practice good time management to get your work done. Don’t leave everything to the last minute and don’t rush through it all – you’ll regret it! Take your time and set goals that are realistic, otherwise, you will just stress yourself out. And if you feel like you can’t achieve or stick to them, ask a friend to help you out.

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