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How to prepare for results day 2017

How to prepare for results day 2017

How to prepare for results day 2017

The summer is definitely upon us and that also means results day 2017 is pretty much here too, but there are many emotions that arrive along with this day. Most students would have had some experience of receiving results from GCSE results a couple years earlier, but A Level and BTEC qualifications can feel even more weighted due to the implications that these results are what are going to get you into university. Here is how to prepare for results day 2017, and if you follow these steps then the day should brush pass with ease.

Get a good night of sleep

Sleeping is so vital for your everyday functions and to survive for the rest of your life. But the important of getting a good night of sleep before results day is significant! You will find it hard to sleep, probably, due to sheer excitement or dread and you may end up having broken sleep or barely sleeping at all, and this can have bad effects on your body and mind the next day. A good night’s sleep allows you to feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Charge your phone

It is so important to have your phone if you have one, charged for results day as no doubt you will be calling and texting everyone in your phone book to tell them the results. Or you will upload a picture onto Snapchat or Facebook, and obviously, you need a decent battery percentage on your smartphone to tell the world what you got!

Charge your laptop or computer

Before you leave the house to get your results, make sure your laptop or family computer is charged, that way when you come back in excitement or anxiousness you can check your UCAS Track right away to see if you have been offered a place or see if you can enter Clearing or adjustment. Trust us, those few moments that you may have to wait for your laptop to have sufficient charge to turn on because you forgot to plug it in beforehand will be agony!

Have a few scenarios prepared

Preparation is definitely key in any situation like this, there is simply no way of telling what will happen or what grades you’re going to receive on results day 2017 which can make it all that worse! If you have a few scenarios planned in your head, maybe one scene is where you get the results you needed, another you missed out on a few, and the last scenario being you didn’t get the results you needed it will be easier for you to accept the results when you do finally get them! We’re not telling you to build yourself up to fail, but if you understand what each scenario means, and how to deal with it, whether it is calling universities or going through Clearing, it will make it less scary. Because you know how to deal with any situation that can occur and you’re stronger and wiser for it!


How are you going to prepare for results day 2017? Let us know by commenting below!

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