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The pros and cons of attending a city university

The pros and cons of attending a city university

The pros and cons of attending a city university

It might be that time when you are whittling down your choices of university (For instance, you might be looking into the real cost of university, or where to stay), and trying to decide where to spend the next three to four years of your life. What are the pros and cons of attending a city university? Read about them here and see if they help you with your decision!

A City university
A city university is basically a university or institution that is based in a city, for example, London, Manchester, Glasgow or Birmingham. Their campus may be spread out throughout the city, or be mixed up and a part of other universities which are also in the city.

The pros

There is no better way to learn about culture than the culture you’ll see every day when studying at a city university. There will be popular culture, trendsetters and hipsters all around you. Urban life will be a flame! Because cities hold so many people the different cultures that seem to blend and work together will be easy to see, and there won’t even be a dull day in sight!

Again, due to the sheer amount of business and population in the city, the opportunities speak for themselves. Great internships, work placements and experience will always be available. There is more chance of part-time work, or opportunity to really explore your student work and projects.

Students and diversity
There will be an entire mixture of students at your university from different backgrounds, countries, ethnicities and experiences. You’ll find yourself sitting next to wonderful people from all walks of life. These people will mostly live and work in the city that you are attending too.

Researched tutors
Some teachers at city universities are still completing research, writing books or creating a hypothesis. And this doesn’t mean that teachers in other universities aren’t, but the possibilities of working with someone great in their field is fantastic.

The Cons

Expensive living
One of the deal-breakers, sadly, is the cost of living in the city. It is so much more expensive than suburban or far away universities. The cost of living will be higher, along with rent and bills. So you really need to assess whether you can actually afford to live there whilst studying.

Less personal time
When you are a part of city-life it might be harder to be able to get away from it all and have a bit of ‘me-time’. It can be difficult to separate from the busy surroundings when you live, work and study in the city.

You’re on your own
If you moved to the city for your studies, you might start to feel homesick and lonely. This is a normal process of becoming an undergraduate and will hopefully pass if you seek help and keep in contact with close friends and family. But until you make new friends at university, you might feel like you are far away and on your own.


Now that you have thought about each side of the argument, you can evaluate whether attending a city university is good for you. Even though it can provide wonderful opportunities, you might be very far away from home and live in an urban environment that you’re not accustomed to.

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