14 memes about Leo DiCaprio not winning an Oscar

With Leonardo DiCaprio starring in his next role which begins filming in 2015, in The Revenant, we’re hoping that this will be his lucky film where he wins the award he deserves! We’ve all seen the memes, but here are the best (and most painfully truthful) of the bun about Leo DiCaprio not winning an Oscar. (Don’t worry Leo, we’re rooting for you!)

1. Yes, be prepared for the memes below...

2. Even Adele won an Oscar... awkward!

3. Maybe? This could be a possibility!

4. We know Leo, We know

5. I bet this does happen!

6. We saw your pain Leo, and it hurt us too.

7. Next time Leo!

8. He enters the Oscars every year with so much hope

9. There are facts like these that make it even worse!

10. He has always acted humbly

11. If all else fails, his meme will always be remembered

12. Don't give up...

13. Wishful thinking will help...

14. And if you still don't get one next time, keep that smile on!