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What You Should Remember When Moving

What You Should Remember When Moving

What You Should Remember When Moving

When you first move into private accommodation, the freedom of having your own house means that you can wonder around in your underwear, have people around whenever you want and generally do as you please. However, there are a few things all of us should remember when moving into private accommodation for the first time. A university checklist has been created as well as list of essentials for students moving into accommodation.

Remember When Moving About Bills

When you first move into your new home, it’s always a good idea to find out who the current utility companies are that your new house are signed up to, this is why understanding student bills is essential. This will usually mean checking who your gas, electric and possibly water providers are and the prices they are charging. You will often find that a better deal can be found by switching providers, saving you and your housemates a fair amount over the course of a year.

Remember When Moving to Do Your Meter Readings

It is also a good idea to take a meter reading when you first move into any new property; If possible, it is good to get photographic evidence using your phone’s camera. This will save you having to dish out your hard earned, paying for water and electricity used by previous tenants and the photographs will be dated to prove when you should begin paying from.

Remember When Moving Your Exemption Certificates

Exemption certificates are one of the most important things to add to your list when you move into a new home, as they offer you immunity from paying council tax whilst you’re a student. These need to last for the whole year of tenancy and will ensure that the bailiffs don’t come knocking.

Remember When Moving Your Insurance

Insurance is always an important factor, but one which, whilst you were living with parents, you would never have had to consider. Having insurance will protect you from loss or damages in many situations and when it’s too late, you will be left with the regret of ‘that one thing you forgot to get’. It always good to shop around and you may even find you are protected under your parents’ home insurance, which will save you money. (Always a bonus)

Remember When Moving to Look Up Internet Service Providers

Having access to the internet is a must for most of us and setting up a connection with an internet service provider can often take a few weeks. We recommend taking this into account and arranging a service provider before moving into your new home, as a few weeks without internet can seem like a lifetime.

Remember When Moving Your Landlords

Landlords can be a tricky subject, they can often be really nice and lenient, or they may choose to use you as another source of income at the end of your tenancy agreement. It’s important to make your own inventory check and take photos along the way, even if it’s only for your own reference. This will make sure that any disagreements regarding the state of the house can be sorted quickly with dated evidence.

Remember When Moving to Have a House Warming Party

You’ve had a hard couple of weeks moving all of your belongings into your new home and it’s time to show it off and have a party. By this point it is likely that it will be the end of the summer, which is a great time to get your friends around, light the barbecue and get the drinks flowing. Enjoy your new home and make sure you look after it like it’s your own.

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