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What to do on Results Day 2014?

What to do on Results Day 2014?

What to do on Results Day 2014?

Results day 2014 is getting sooner each and every day, and even though you are having an awesome summer with your best friends and making memories for years to come, you need to prepare yourself for when they arrive. We have some great advice to get you in the perfect mood and ready to open that all important envelope.

Good night rest

This is really important. Go to bed early! Early enough so you have time to dwell on any worries on your mind so you get enough sleep after. Do something you enjoy just before you go to bed as a treat, the worries and anxiety should hold off until tomorrow!

Early start

Set your alarm early so you have enough time in the morning. Even though, in most cases, the time passes by so slowly! If you give yourself enough time you can sit down, relax and watch television, read or play a game until it is time to go.

Don’t panic

Don’t spend all night and morning fretting about the results! This won’t change a thing! Wasting minutes and even hours fretting won’t be able to change all of your grades to A*s! You have done the hard work already!

Relaxing morning

Spend the morning relaxing so your anxiety doesn’t get the best of you. Remember to stay calm and positive, the results of positive thinking is understated.

Travel with friend or relative

Most cases you already travel to sixth form or college with some of your friends, plan to go together so you can relieve any stress on them! Talking it out on the way will help, or even having something as a distraction will too! Most cases some of your family won’t be able to come with you as they will have work or prior engagements, but if they are free – thats a bonus.

Have charged phone

Charge your phone in the morning, so you can call your friends and relatives once you have opened your results. Your mum will probably be calling your nineteen time already anyway!

Find somewhere quiet

If there is a field, or everyone else is opening their results in a hall, try to get away from it all and give yourself some room. You will be able to process the information better without distraction or anyone else’s reactions influencing yours. You may be extremely proud and happy to get a B in English, but your friend may cry if she missed that A* in Religious Education!

Open results yourself

Try to open your results yourself. This is important for many reasons, the first being dealing with the nerves and anxiety is good practice for other situations later in life, as well as finding out the results of all of your hard work. It is also extremely important incase you didn’t get the grades you need, or received better grades than predicted so you can see what the next steps are as soon as possible. Lots of students will be a part of Clearing or Adjustment, and waiting for the next day or that evening for a relative to come home may waste valuable time to find a course.

Have nothing planned for rest of the day

Incase your results are different than expected, don’t have anything set in stone for the rest of the day – as you might be spending the afternoon contacting universities and logging onto UCAS. The quicker you become a part of Clearing and Adjustment, the sooner you can find a course and enjoy the last bit of your summer!

Whats next?

If you got the grades you needed, check your UCAS offers and then make a decision based on the university offers. If you didn’t get what was expected, read our articles about Clearing and Adjustment to understand what to do next.

Opening results is extremely stressful, and after this is all over – pat yourself on the back, you did it! You deserve a relaxing day and realise you dealt with it pretty amazingly! Remember, studying and passing exams isn’t easy and to give yourself credit for getting through those A-Levels, BTECs and National Diplomas!

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