Pick the Right Course for You

Pick the Right Course for You

Pick the Right Course for You

You are often asked this throughout your life and even if you no longer want to be a fire engine anymore, you will be surprised at all the different options you could do at university. The subject degree guides will explain and explore everything that’s needed to know about that specific course. We have found some of the less common courses to show you that other careers are out there and if they can help you to pick the right course for you.

Two Sugars

Someone needs to keep the future generations of the milk-givers company, and you can learn this and much more at Reaseheath College, where you can pick the right course for you. There is a lot more to the Agriculture and Dairy Herding degree than milk tasting, like, technical and legal modules and understanding the environmental and ethical issues in the industry. So if you think you could never live without a cuppa ever again then pay a visit to Mrs. Laughing Cow

Sooty and Sweep

Now, this course won’t be as ridiculous as the Richard and Judy performances at your local library that you reminisce about from when you still wore dungarees. An Animation and Puppet-making course at Staffordshire University is a lot more exciting than Bodger and Badger. You study body gestures, dialogue, and is perfect for somebody creative. You never know, you could be working on the next Wallace and Gromit film!

Clown College

This is a different option for athletic people or anyone who loves dance. The Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance foundation degree at Bath Spa University is nothing like any other sports courses. In association with Circomedia, which is the leading Centre of circus with physical theatre in Europe, you will receive the best advice and individual tuition. You better ask your Nana to buy you that Harry Hill Joke Book for Christmas to get a head start.


Are you a total GAP? (Geek and Proud) If you cannot get enough of the Joker and see yourself as a Wonder Woman the Cartoon and Comic Arts at Staffordshire University may be the degree for you. The course dives deeper than just the Heroes and Villains, with modules on character development, storytelling and traditional drawing skills.

Land Before Time

Do you wish you were born in a different time? Are you always dragging your friends to see the latest exhibitions? Well, look no further than the Design for Exhibitions and Museums at the University of Lincoln. You will learn how to use space to tell a narrative and addressing specific audiences, and even have the chance for a work placement and studio-based work to gain great experience in the field.

Mayday! Mayday!

The University of Coventry is the first UK University to offer the course in Disaster Management. The course is based on future employability as its focus. You have the chance to study disaster management, planned risk interventions and even participate in disaster ‘life’ simulations. One bit of advice is not to revise for the course on SimCity!

Mind the Iceberg

Interested in Ships and the sea? Are you forever watching Titanic and not just for Leonardo DiCaprio? The University of Southampton offers the chance to study Ship Science for three years where you will look at everything to do with engineering, technology and maritime designs.

Snapchat me?

Do you start to hyperventilate if you think about life without your mobile phone? At the British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce, they may have a career option for you, by studying Networking and Mobile Technologies. This course is perfect for a computer whizz. You get to study modules from Internet Science, Database systems, Android, Internet security and artificial intelligence. It could make you the next Alan Sugar and remember to tell your mum to record the next series of Dragons Den, as you might be on it!

Right Course for You: Zoo Diaries

Are you constantly replaying the YouTube video of the sneezing panda, the elephant that sits on the man’s head and even the squirrel jet skiing? Okay, so maybe the squirrel isn’t necessarily the main attraction at London Zoo but if you are an animal lover but want to learn more than worming the pet cat, Zoo Management at the University of Chester is a course to look into. You will learn about animal care and welfare and have excellent work experience opportunities at the local zoo.

And if you are feeling even more adventurous, why not go further afield? There are so many universities around the world that do amazing and bizarre courses, like the Harry Potter, David Beckham or Ghostbusters degrees in America.

Do something different and pick the right course for you.

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