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Settle into student life

Settle into student life

Settle into student life

Studying at university will be entirely different to any other education you have been a part of, such as A-Levels and GCSE. Even if you attended an independent institution, student life is a little bit different to anything else, and here are our tips for you settle into student life and see what freshers is really like.


The first port of call is to take a deep breath and give yourself time to let everything sink in. Remember, this is a big lifestyle change and for some students, it is a long way from home. But, if you understand that it will just take some time adjusting to the new way of living, and remember to relax, you’ll start to feel yourself again.

Go to inductions

Even if the academic inductions seem boring, you shouldn’t miss them. This is a chance to meet people on your course and who are taking the same classes as you. Knowing a few people on your course will help to ease into studying, and we’re sure that they’ll become good friends by the year is out.

Be social

Try to go to all the Fresher’s events that you’ve got your eye on, as this is where you can let your hair down and just have fun with some of the new people you’ve met. Also, this is a chance for you to really click with other students, and you may find your next best friend or even a study buddy!

Who can I talk to?

If you are feeling unsure and homesick, the university will have advisors and counsellors for students. You can book an appointment or email your personal tutor and they can let you know where you can go to get some help. Talking about how you are feeling will make everything a lot better.

Student’s Union

The SU will have lots of great events for the first couple of months to guarantee students feel settled and secure in their new homes. You can join in or volunteer with events, or talk to some of the members for advice, they’ve have gone through exactly the same thing that you are now so they’ll be a big help.

Extra-Curricular Activities

With universities having so many societies and clubs, it can be hard to choose just one. Check out what inductions they have in the first weeks of term, as meeting other people with similar interests will help form friendships and add to what the university experience has to offer.

Give your degree a chance

The first lectures may seem daunting and you might think why you are choosing to study a degree in the first place, but don’t worry, having doubts and concerns is normal when starting Higher Education. All the other students are at different levels and have acquired a range of knowledge – no two students are the same. Don’t let fear take over your ability, and remember, each degree isn’t perfect, so sometimes you have to sit through the boring lectures to get to seminars that you’re excited about.

Understanding the deadlines

If you are unsure about whether the degree or course is right for you, you can talk to admissions advisors or your personal tutor about when you’ll be able to check out other options. Universities usually give students a small amount of time to settle in and sometimes, the wrong decision can be made, however, your university will work with you to get you on the course perfect for you.

Stay in contact

Feeling alone and homesick is a horrible part of a big life change, however, if you remember to keep in touch with old school friends and your family then you’ll be fine. Your friends may be at a different university and going through what you’re now, so keeping in touch to talk about your fears will do you the world of good.

Always remember that university is a big step for anyone and that the feelings you encounter during your first weeks of term are normal. Make sure you know how long you have to change your mind and who you can talk to about any concerns you may have, to make the transition a little bit easier on you.

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