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The Seventh Breaking-the-Seal: Types of Uni Drunk

The Seventh Breaking-the-Seal: Types of Uni Drunk

The Seventh Breaking-the-Seal: Types of Uni Drunk

Every student loves a good night out and we all know friends which fall into one of the seven categories below. Each can be annoying or loving at some point on a night out, but we wouldn’t want them any other way! It’s likely you will meet your close friends at Fresher’s Week or the next following weeks, these are the different types of uni drunk!

Uni Drunk Number One: The Loud One

Each group of friends will have to put up with a loud drunk on a night out and the level of volume usually goes up the more this person has to drink. The ‘Loud’ drunk will be the one, who is more often than not, center of attention and you will find them shouting for all to listen, whether you want to listen or not. You may also find that this is the drunk who you will find outside of the club crying at 2am, after they’ve had one too many drinks and an argument with a friend.

Uni Drunk Number Two: The ‘Pretend’ One

The pretend drunk is easily spotted in a group of friends, as they will often enjoy going out for a drink and a night out, but struggle to keep up with the pace when it comes to actually drinking alcohol. You will find that they are usually the ones that will drink themselves funny and this will often be not too long after drinking has begun. However, you will also find that they are one of the more sensible members of the group and will have a good time, whilst choosing to tactically throw away shots into plant pots or trip over imaginary objects, spilling their drinks in the process.

Uni Drunk Number Three: The Friendly One

The friendly drunk is the type of drunk that can either be great on a night out or a burden to all who has the pleasure of having to talk to them. The term ‘too much’ can often be an understatement where this person is concerned and the phrases ‘You’re one of my best friends’ and ‘I love you mate’ are used far too often throughout the night. But don’t worry; the easiest way to deal with friends like these is to pass them on to another, unsuspecting mate (usually an excuse such as going to the toilet will do), leaving you to carry on enjoying your night.

Uni Drunk Number Four: The Violent One

This type of drunk is one you need to watch out for, as they can often be more trouble than they are worth. The ‘Violent’ drunk comes in two forms, those which use attitude and mean words to fuel their drunken assaults and those who choose to use their fists as a way to vent their alcohol fuelled anger. Either way, they are generally the ones who cause drama and are often the same people who swear blind that it wasn’t their fault the following morning.

Uni Drunk Number Five: The Dancing Drunk

The ‘Dancing’ drunk is regularly the one who will seem to be having the best time on a night out and they will typically be the ones who manage to lose the rest of the group for hours at the time, whilst they wander off to have a boogie with strangers. These are the drunks who tend to drink lots early on and then stay away from the bar, preferring to dance the night away until closing time, showing up everybody else on the dance floor, with moves the rest of us could only dream of pulling off.

Uni Drunk Number Six: the ‘I want to go home’ One

This drunk can never seem to last a night and more often than not, they won’t be the one driving everybody home, but they will make their need for bed known. The ‘I want to go home drunk’ will either be a workaholic, who can’t seem to stop thinking about the following mornings lectures or they may simply be the friend of the group who struggles to keep up with everybody else. This drunk and the ‘Fake’ drunk will often go home early, just not capable of throwing shapes around the dance floor until the early hours of the morning.

Uni Drunk Number Seven: The Sober One

Now our last category is not technically a drunk and is known as the ‘Sober’ one of the group. This is the person who tends to be designated driver and whilst they can last till around 1.30 am on cans of Red Bull (bought appreciatively by those grateful for a lift home), it’s often the few hours after this point that they seem to struggle to stay out for. Being sober is good, but even when not being called upon as designated driver, the sober of the group struggles to drink large quantities and the phrase ‘I’ll drink at my own pace’ is one you will hear them say a lot. The questions is, how hard is it to get through freshers without drinking, as for many this will be the livliest part of university life.

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