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How to spend your last summer before university

How to spend your last summer before university

How to spend your last summer before university

University is going to be here before you can say Fresher’s Week, so this is your last Summer before university, and when your life will change forever, so best to get those ideas on how to spend your last summer before university, out of the way, right now! We don’t mean to scare or panic you, but university is different from any other life experience and it will be filled with so many amazing memories, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t start making some now!

Go on holiday

Yes, get those sunglasses on and the Factor 50 out! Spending a week or two away with friends is a great way to part ways and reminisce about previous years! Don’t fall asleep in the sun – ouch!


Do you see yourself as a bit of an explorer? Maybe travelling or going backpacking is the perfect way for you to spend your time before university starts. Go to places you’ve always dreamed of, or see the 7 wonders!

Become a YouTube celebrity?

How about it? If you’re a big fan of Vlogging, or just want to create silly videos and vines, why not try to push yourself and upload one every day? Maybe even publish your thoughts on going to university?


Are you feeling generous? There are great experiences with volunteering and charity, and some of these can take you overseas! You could help build houses in Africa or feed the homeless in your local town. Giving back is a great feeling.

Get Creative

Find yourself a new hobby? Is there something you have always wanted to do, or never had the time to do? From Knitting and Gardening to Skateboarding and Wrestling there is so much to do out there!


Create a film? You have all of this spare time, and your friend has a camera? You can even use your iPhone now! Create a short film about you and your friends’ summer, or do something completely different!

Work Experience

Are you just dying to get some hands on experience connected to your degree or dream job? There are work experience opportunities like working at a magazine, in local garages, at offices, and they are endless!

Saving some cash

A summer job is great to let you have some freedom and earn some money during the hot months. You can save up to pay for your summer, or think ahead and save for university!

Make the most of it

Whatever you choose to do, making the most of your last summer before university is the way to do. You might even be spending the summer preparing for university. Spend it with friends, try new things and make memories – it’s going to be great!

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