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Student drinking games

Student drinking games

Student drinking games

Starting university means a new start and new experiences and the introduction of student drinking games are at the top of the list of things you’ll learn! They are a great way to get to know people in a relaxed environment and to get the party started!

Ring of Fire

A drinking game that needs a pack of cards. The deck is placed in the middle and each card means a different instruction, e.g. The number 3 means you drink yourself, and the number 4 means that all girls in the room have to drink. You can get the full instructions online or on a drinking game app!

I have never

A fantastic ice breaker and to get to know your new housemates! You sit or stand in a circle and each person on their turn has to say a statement starting with ‘’I have never…’’. They can make up the statement completely if any person HAS done what was said they drink, and if they HAVEN’T then the person doesn’t drink.

Boat race

You divide you and your friends into teams, where you stand in lines. It is a race from start to finish where the person has to drink their whole pint and then when they’re finished they put the glass on their head. The next person can’t start until the person in front has put the empty glass on their head! The fastest team wins!

Lucky Guess

You will need a dice, a coin, and a glass (and alcohol of course!) for this game. The coin and dice go in the glass. You shake up the glass and tip it upside down, the person to your right has to guess if the coin has landed on heads or tails, if they are correct the person who shook the glass drinks but if they guessed wrong they have to drink! The amount of gulps/sips depend on the amount of dots on the side of the die!

Drink while you think

This is a word game, where celebrities have to be named and the first letter of the last name starts off the game. The first person will say Richard Branson, the next person could say Barbara Streisand, and so forth. Whilst the person is thinking of a name they have to drink for that entire time, if they finish their drink the game goes on to the next person. If a name with two of the same letters, like Marilyn Monroe is named the direction changes.

Happy drinking and remember to drink responsibly!

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