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Student guide to homemade Alcohol

Student guide to homemade Alcohol

Student guide to homemade Alcohol

One of the biggest changes you will notice in your life at university is the amount of free time you have outside of lectures. It’s dependent on your course, but generally, lectures are rarely held more than three days a week, leaving you with plenty of library and reading time. (Ha!) Of course it’s important to familiarise yourself with the library facilities, however its hardly going to happen until the end of term, and it would be silly of us to assume otherwise.


So what exactly can you do with those extra 26 hours a week? Take up a sport? Read? Spend your student loan?


University Compare has the solution that will not only get yourself and your flat mates involved in a project, it will also save you money.


We’re are talking about the wonder that is home-made alcohol, and its easier to make than you think.


You can make almost anything in the comfort of your university halls, however some are easier than others.
Vodka, being a very popular choice amongst students is one of the tougher ones. Not only is the process of distilling vodka extremely time consuming, the improper preparation can lead to blindness.
As we’d all like to keep the use of our eyes, we suggest sticking with your trusty bottle of Glen’s exciting vodka for now, it’s yet to let you down.


Far easier (and safer!) options are homemade beer and wine. The Internet is home to thousands of types of home brewing kits, research and compare prices to get the best deal. If you’re a money savvy student who likes to save on the delivery charge, we suggest popping down to your local Wilkinson’s for a good deal.


From red wine, chardonnay, beer, cider, branded ales or Wilkinson’s own lager, everyone can find something they like. These kits come with everything you need to get started, including the bottles and caps to store the drinks once they’re ready.


Two of the most popular drinks are rosé wine and larger. University Compare has reviewed and examined exactly how much money you can save by purchasing either of these two home brewing kits.


The Wilkinson’s ibrew shiraz blush starter kit promises to produce 30 bottles of a “medium bodied rosé with floral overtones” and only takes 21 days from start to finish.


For a look at the Wilkinson’s ibrew shiraz blush starter kit click here


The kit costs £70, which may seem pricey to the average student, but not when you think logically. By splitting the price with at least one friend, you are slicing the cost by half. (Although we’re certain more than one friend will want to get involved with this money saving scheme once they are told the figures) 30 bottles of rosé for £70 works out at just £2.33 per bottle. With the average bottle of rosé in the UK costing £8.96, you are saving £6.63 per bottle and it doesn’t stop there, the larger is just as cheap.


The Wilkinson’s home brewing lager kit costs £50; this includes everything you need to get started and makes 40 pints. This works out at just £1.25 a pint, rivaling even the cheapest of student nights. If you share the cost of the kit between friends, you are looking at saving even more money.


For a look at the Wilkinson’s home brewing lager kit click here


To add the cherry on top of a delicious money-saving cake, these kits are completely reusable, and the refill ingredients start at just £15. Once you’ve patiently waited 21 days, all is required of you is to sit back, enjoy a homemade lager or wine and watch your student loan sit comfortably in your bank, instead of in the pocket of the pub owner down the road.

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