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How is student life different at university?

How is student life different at university?

How is student life different at university?

What the majority of students find appealing when thinking about the possibility of university is this whole other life – the student life. This student life features freedom, nights out, responsibility and everything a young person can experience in their age of transforming into a functioning adult all wrapped up in one, it’s quite frankly a bargain. But how exactly is student life different at university? Well there are a number of guides out there that have tips for students by students, and these can be

If we look at it realistically, students at university aren’t necessarily that different from students at sixth form and colleges. Even though university gives young adults a chance to access more freedom in their personal and academic lives, it’s not at the other end of the educational spectrum.


Firstly, if we look at university timetables, they differ on a personal basis. A college student may find themselves in class nearly every day, but with only a few hours of lessons or learning. University is the same, depending on what course you are taking and what year of study you’re currently in. Some third year students find themselves barely at university, whilst others find themselves having so much work they can barely function (and if you as a third year very nicely before they begin breaking down about their dissertation they might tell you that the college years were the best of their life!).

Coursework and exams

It really does vary from course to course, as one economics course at your university will be assessed on 80% of exams, whilst another might be purely coursework. It is really important to read up on the modes of assessment before you apply and begin the course, before it’s too late! If you work well with writing essays and find it hard to regurgitate all that you have learned in a year then go for coursework assessed degrees, and vice versa for exams.

Nights out

It might seem that every single university student goes out drinking on a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – pretty much every night, but it’s not the case. Fresher’s is definitely a week where so many events and alcoholic drinks are mixed but students calm down as time continues – because it’s so hard to juggle the night life with the 9am lectures; trust us!


Student life feels like the perfect excuse for any problems coming this way, but university students still need to pay their bills on time, budget and act responsible in all areas of their life. The only difference is that they might be doing more things alone than relying on their parents if they moved away from home. For example, keeping their belongings in good condition and taking care of themselves. Although, some students may even admit still taking their washing home during reading week, or calling their mum up to ask how long to microwave something.

University will undoubtedly be one of the best experiences of your life full of learning curves and adapting to different scenarios around you, but it’s not going to be a different culture (unless you’re studying abroad of course!), therefore, don’t sign up to that life insurance just yet!

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