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Student Games & tricks you’ll need to master

Student Games & tricks you’ll need to master

Student Games & tricks you’ll need to master

You will spend a lot of late nights, drinking with housemates and throwing shapes at Liquid or the SU, and the nights you spend in or pre-drinking time at home, there are some student drinking games you need to master to drink your friends under the table.

Ring of Fire

This card game may be called something else near where you are, but the rules are basically the same. You have a deck of cards, and when a player takes a certain card out, that player has to abide by the rule of the card, and it can be from downing their drink, playing truth or dare, or nominating a friend to drink. The best way to beat your friends is to remember the rules, as when your friends have more drink in them they won’t be on the ball!

Coins/Beer Pong

This is when you have to flick a coin, counter or ping pong ball into the glass of your opponents. If you get the ball in the other player has to drink! This requires skill and practice and you will need to get this game under your belt if you don’t want to be known as a lightweight!

I have never

This may seem like an odd drinking game to ‘master’ but if you are worried about what your friends will state ‘they have never’ then it is best to drink at the right times and to ask the right questions. Don’t mention anything that may lead them onto a secret you don’t want them to know!

Dirty Pint

This can be involved in lots of drinking games, but it can be deadly! This is where players drinks are put into a pint glass, and everyone has different drinking taste, so sometimes it isn’t pretty! Mixing your drinks isn’t the smartest idea to know when to quit when you’re ahead, to save being up all night with your head in the toilet!

Truth or Dare?

Of course, we have to mention the mother of all drinking games! It is also great for getting to know people, you can see which housemates will do anything for a dare, which includes showing you parts of their body you wish they hadn’t! Or you’ll find out some weird and wonderful things about your new classmates!

University is full of games, and drinking games are definitely something you need to master, so kill two birds with one stone and get the practice in with your housemates, and have a good time while you’re at it!

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