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How being a student pays off

How being a student pays off

How being a student pays off

If you are still questioning whether university is right for you, we have a good argument to show you what it can do for you, your career and your life. And there are plenty of reasons you’ll love being a student.


So, the most obvious point of our argument is the fact that you are going to have a degree! Hurrah! Well done! Obtaining a degree isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and your family and friends will understand that and will acknowledge the work you put into getting your degree.


Employers respect people with degrees, as it shows them determination and commitment to your studies as well as what you can bring to your job role. Degrees can help you climb the career ladder get you a better job.

Something different

Degrees can also open many doors for you. As you study so many different modules during your degree, whilst being assessed in different ways, a degree doesn’t limit your options. For instance, if you study a type of Arts degree, you could work in galleries, museums, become an Artist yourself, an Art Dealer or an Art Teacher. The possibilities are endless!

Paying back your loans

The good thing is, whether you studied when universities charged £3,000 or £9,000 a year, you don’t have to start paying it back until you earn enough! And in some cases, its quite small and is out of your paycheck before you even knew about it. Doesn’t seem so painful now, huh?

Moving out

Yes, moving out and away from home is a great experience. You have your own place, have the chance to do your own thing and you make the decisions! You, of course, will be slightly homesick from time to time, but the sense of freedom is unforgettable!

Growing up

This may come as a blessing or a curse, but it is a significant part of university. When attending university you will have to manage, for the first time, paying bills, direct debits, housing bills, cleaning and generally fixing any problems that do occur. But these life skills will forever come in handy!


During university, you could have the chance to become a member of an institution, join a society, become engaged with the student union, there are so many things for you to do besides studying! Universities and the local area are full of opportunities that can lead on to great things or bulk up your CV.


Meeting all of these people, whether they are from your course, Halls, or the lecturers themselves, will build up your connections. Connections can be important later in life, when working or further study. Some name-dropping may come in handy!

The experience

And our last point, (which is our favourite) is the whole experience of university. We guarantee that you will love at least one aspect of university, it could be the studying, the socialising, the student loans, or the fact that you are living on your own. The experience of obtaining a degree is one in a million as it is different to everyone else’s, now, surely, you don’t want to pass this up? Hopefully, all of this has given you an insight into being a student, make sure that you know everything about getting ready for university.

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