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The student procrastination handbook

The student procrastination handbook

The student procrastination handbook

For any student when it comes to studying and university life it can be hard to kick procrastination, especially as the majority have flown the nest and become independent, without family and old teachers keeping you on your toes it can be hard to get anything done. This is where the handbook comes in with the very few, but strict rules to make sure you don’t wander off to your PS4 or on YouTube.

At the beginning of each week check to see how much work you must absolutely definitely get done by the end of those seven days. What is the minimum amount of work you can get away with?

Write it down
Now you have that put that into a planner, calendar or even on your phone and set reminders. Put the activities and work time in time slots that you will most likely to do them. If you never see the morning then planning to work 12 hours straight from 9am is not going to happen is it?

Now that you have them written down, add in a different colour an extra activity, something that will make the next week easier because you have done it this week. This is so if you get your essential work done and quicker than expected you may feel up to doing just the one or two more bits of work! And if you don’t? No big deal. The important stuff is done and dusted.

Set alarms
When you do sit down to work, set an alarm on your phone so you have timed breaks and working time. This way you will feel that you earned yourself a break and if they are regular but short you won’t feel too guilty or get too distracted by something for a long period of time. Remember to time your breaks!

If you don’t need to use the internet, try disconnecting your WiFi on your laptop or download an app that can block websites on your phone. This little step can help to keep you from straying away from your work. It may be hard to imagine life without YouTube or Facebook but it is only for a few hours?

Keep your body in good shape
Stay hydrated and have snacks, eating regularly will stop you from wandering and having another distraction.

Healthy lifestyle
If you have noticed your lack of concentration has decreased lately and you’re feeling more tired try changing your lifestyle. Going to bed an hour earlier and having less fizzy drink can make you feel 100% better, you’d be surprised at what it can do!

Get friends involved
If you are concerned about how you can’t just sit down to complete your work, get a friend (someone who is extremely good at nagging) to keep on at you. Get them to ask you how much you got done that day and if you hate lying then this will give you the kick you need!

Reward yourself
If you complete your work and sit down that week remember to reward yourself at the end! Studying and learning to be independent is hard to juggle and you’re doing a fantastic job. The little rewards will keep you motivated to keep it up!

Have you got any ideas to help kick procrastination? Or are there any that you have tried and tested and have gone terribly wrong? Let us know below!

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